$100 Million Dollar Real Estate trader breaks 25 years
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“A very private, elite group of wealthy investors kept an unfair advantage
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and now, I’m blowing their secret wide open.”

Ken Wade, Harvard MBA, CPA
and $100 Million Dollar Real Estate Investor

Now You Can Discover And Immediately Begin Using This Same Amazing Secret… And Start Reaping A Fortune In Today’s Up-And-Down Real Estate Markets Easier Than You Ever Dreamed Possible!

Wealthy, successful real estate investors know that their success (and financial security) is largely determined by how fast the values of their real estate investments rise or fall… regardless of what investment strategies they use.

They use a completely different ‘playbook’ than average investors to determine exactly when and where they buy, sell and hold their real estate.

In the free video training below, you’re going to see inside their world, and know precisely…

1) “What” these super successful investors really do to create massive wealth...

2) “Why” they appear to always ‘magically’ be in the right place at the right time...

…and most importantly…

3) “How” these elite insiders are effortlessly building their fortunes and how you can easily do the same things they do, once you know their secret...

To get you started, take a look at this simple illustration:

Let’s say you invested $20,000 in a typical leveraged deal on a house in the Washington, D.C. area. (In this example, we’re using a “buy and hold” strategy because it’s easiest to show, but the concept works for all strategies.)

Here’s what your total profit picture
would look like if you bought and held:

Chart #1 – Washington D.C.
Buy & Hold “real” profit

I don’t know about you, but a $188,900 profit over a 26 year hold period is not very exciting… especially when there are easier ways to make a lot more than that.

Now, some people will immediately point out that since we only started with $20,000, the $188,900 profit is a 945% ‘Return on Investment’ (“ROI”)
… and, they would argue, 945% is a pretty decent return, especially because these are “inflation adjusted” or “real” numbers.

… the big players see it differently.

I mean, of course you could make “worse” investment decisions… but you don’t  create massive wealth through real estate by employing mediocre strategies… and it shouldn’t take that many years to attain financial freedom.

The main problem, and something I learned from more than 25 years of real estate investing and consulting, is to avoid turning your profits into losses…

Do you see the two time periods in the chart above, where the local Washington D.C. real estate market actually went negative? (from 1980 through 1983 and again from 1990 to 1997)

Well, if you owned real estate in that market during those times, you lost money.

What would happen if you just
avoided those loss periods?

For Washington DC, if you simply:

1)  Avoided the two time periods when the local market was tanking,

2) Stuck your money in a bank,

3) Sat on the couch, watching TV and eating Bon-Bons until the market recovered...

Your total profit would
have been $1,199,992 !

That’s right… $1,011,092 higher than the “buy and hold” returns.

Remember… in this simple example, you spent 10 of those years becoming a couch potato… taking no risk and doing no work!

You simply avoided the losses.

...and realized over $1 million more profit, had a 5,999.6% ROI… and ‘did nothing’ for 10 of those years.

Chart #2 – Washington D.C.
Profit by Avoiding the Losses

The combined results of both getting “in” and getting “out” at the right place and time are quite staggering… even if you pay full price for the property and add no other value.

You see, real estate investing is similar to stock market investing, but with a much longer cycle. You’ve probably heard that most of the gains in the stock market happen over a relatively short time period.

It’s true… if you’re in the stock market for only 17 specific days each year, you will capture nearly all of the upside profit and avoid all the loss periods. (The key, of course, is knowing in advance when each of those 17 days will occur!)

The most successful investors have learned
how to “time the market.”

With real estate, it’s a simple, predictable cycle:

First, there’s a surge in prices (demand exceeds supply).

Next, price appreciation levels off (demand equals supply).

Next, prices decline. (supply exceeds demand).

Then, the cycle starts all over again.

Just take a look at any real estate (or stock market) appreciation chart – it’s a continuous repeating cycle. 

During a typical 7 to 10 year real estate cycle…

Most of the money is made in just a couple of those years.

In some of those years, prices decline and you end up giving give most of the profit back.

Most of the time, the market is flat, and closely follows the inflation rate.

If you miss those surge periods, you lose… and are left holding the bag… waiting and hoping endlessly for the next appreciation up-cycle.

You have no control whatsoever over the market, if you don’t know how to read cycles, you’re just along for the ride.

That’s not the position you want to be in… don’t ever leave your fortunes (or your demise) up to Lady Luck.

What makes real estate market timing especially exciting is that each local area has a different cycle… no two are alike!

If you don’t understand market timing, the best you can hope for is…

“Three steps forward, two steps back”

In the chart below, notice that all it took to realize the extra $1 million profit jump was simply to avoid the down-market!

Instead of holding through the long down cycle of 1990 to 1997, you sold once (in 1990) and then bought back (in 1997) …just before the market exploded.

Notice that real home values actually declined in each of those years between 1990 and 1997. When you add up all of those annual losses for the entire seven year down-cycle, your property had lost so much value that it took almost the same number of years of strong appreciation just to get you back to break-even.

Take a look at this…

Chart #3 – Washington D.C.
Predictable Real Estate Cycles

Your real estate success is, first and foremost, about knowing your local cycle and timing the market… everything else is secondary.

The big, easy money comes from…

 Knowing when to enter
and when to exit…

You may be starting to ask yourself…

“Everything looks good in “2020 hindsight,” right?

“There’s no way to know beforehand,” right?


Until now, that is!

Most real estate investors did not have access to the same market-timing tools successful stock market traders have. Without these tools, you can’t possibly pick market cycle tops and bottoms.

You’ve always heard that real estate is cyclical, haven’t you?

You can clearly see the up-down “cycles” (blue line) in the chart above…  but the blue “cycle” line alone can’t help you… it’s like driving forward while looking in the rear-view mirror.

What top investors already know is that there are time-proven tools invented more than 500 years ago by ancient Japanese rice merchants that can help predict future markets.

It’s a science called “Technical Analysis” – I learned it at Harvard Business School back in 1983.

Here’s how it worked in the illustration above: 

Focus on the red and green lines.

They’re called “Moving Averages.”

Now, look inside those pink circles.

See where the green line crosses the red line?

They’re called “crossovers” – and they’re the “action triggers” used to determine when to buy and when to sell in the example above.

Here are all the rules you need to know…

1) When the green line crosses the red line
heading upward… you buy.

2) When the green line crosses the red line
heading downward… you sell.

It’s that simple!

No thinking involved. A robot or a kindergartner could do it.

And there was nothing particularly unique or special about the Washington, DC illustration… but the end result was an extra million dollars with less effort and risk.

Watch this video and you’ll see other examples, some with an even bigger market-timing profit.

(Click the play button to start this video.)

Employing specific real estate investment tactics, strategies and procedures in any real estate market without first knowing what kind of market you’re in is like jumping into the middle of a raging river without first knowing if there’s a waterfall around the next bend.

Even if you’re a great swimmer… you need to know what lies ahead before taking the plunge.

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Matching the correct real estate investment
tactics with the proper market cycle creates
the perfect storm for success.


It doesn’t have stop with just your backyard “local” market. Top real estate investors know that:

If it works in their backyard,


It’ll work in your backyard too!

That means…

The playing field just got leveled…
…and widened.

Now you truly can live where you want and invest where it’s best… because there are always hot or emerging local markets “somewhere” - even when values are tumbling (or flat) in your own backyard.

You can now capitalize on your superior knowledge of what’s really happening in anyone’s local market – long before even the true local investors see it coming.

That was always the problem…

We were taught to believe that you had to spend weeks, months or even years trying to understand local market conditions beyond your backyard…

Not only is all that information now available at your fingertips… it’s better information than what the ‘local’ investor has.

What if…

Instead of “just” avoiding the losses, you also
knew how to quickly spot other emerging,
hot markets before your competition?


After all, if you could read market cycles and know when and where not to invest, then the flip side of that same process is knowing when and where you should invest.

The second key lesson of my long real estate career is that you have to get in at the right place and the right time to ride the gravy train upward… you’ll make drastically more money, working far fewer hours and with substantially less risk.

How much more money?

Take a look (and you better be sitting down!).

(Click the play button to start this video.)

If you want to explode your real estate wealth, while reducing your risk and effort, follow these three simple rules:

Rule  #1
Avoid the losses.

Rule #2
Capture the biggest gains in the shortest time.

Rule  #3
Don’t waste time in stagnant markets, there are always better options.

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…But I’m getting ahead of myself.

You must know the local real estate cycle before you invest a single dollar, and before you waste a single minute of your time.

It is the first question you must answer…
at the top of the entire decision pyramid.

It works in all markets and for
all real estate investing strategies,


  • Foreclosure/Pre-foreclosure,
  • Motivated Seller Tactics,
  • Lease-Option Strategies,
  • Rehabbing,
  • Probate & Estate Buying
  • Subject-To (get the deed)
  • Bird Dogging
  • Flipping & Wholesaling,
  • Tax Liens,
  • Pre-Construction,
  • Short Sales,
  • Landlording (buy-and-hold)
  • etc.

You should also remember… these examples presume you’d be paying full market value… so there was no Forced Appreciation” - only “Automatic Appreciation” included in the profit.

(I’ll explain the important differences between Forced and Automatic appreciation a little later.)

So why hasn’t anyone (until now) been able to anticipate those cycles… and profit from them?

Hold on tight…

You are about to experience the most dramatic
breakthrough in the science of real estate investing since
the “no-money-down” phenomenon of the late 1970’s.

Here’s my story…


Dear real estate investor,

I just turned 50 years old.

Virtually my entire adult life has been spent either consulting or doing entrepreneurial real estate deals.

I’ve been an investor on a “big time” scale where just the legal fees alone on some deals were approaching the million dollar range.

I’ve also been divorced and bankrupt… working out of a two-person office with no alternative but to pursue “no-money-down” real estate deals.

… as I look back now, it was all good. I wouldn’t risk going back and changing a thing because we probably wouldn’t be sharing this moment in time together right now!

And without all that direct, relevant real estate experience, what I’m about to show you would only be half-baked… and somewhat ‘academic.’

I've Spent Most of My Adult Life
“On My Own” Doing Real Estate Deals Of All Kinds

  • I’m in my third decade of creative real estate investing,
  • I’ve completed hundreds of real estate deals (as a principal and for my own personal account)
  • At today’s values, total real estate (land, residential and commercial) would probably easily exceed $200,000,000. (I’d have a hard time just trying to remember all of my deals!)
  • I’ve founded and operated several multi-state real estate acquisition, sales, development and property management companies licensed in six states.
  • Bought, sold and/or flipped hundreds of properties and pursued many of the real estate investment strategies that have become popular today -- long before the whole real estate infomercial market was even born
  • Together with my brother - acquired, financed, syndicated and operated approximately 1,000,000 square feet of commercial real estate (office buildings, shopping centers, etc.) comprising over twenty separate buildings.
  • Acquired, developed and/or sold thousands of acres.
  • Inspected and evaluated thousands of real estate properties for purchase, upgrade, option or flip,
  • Contracted for millions of dollars in real estate renovations,
  • Published over one hundred thousand classified residential real estate “for sale” newspaper advertisements in hundreds of newspapers selling my properties,
  • Hired, supervised & trained multi-state specialized sales forces of licensed real estate agents selling only my residential real estate holdings,
  • Bought and sold millions of board-feet of timber and timberland.

In other words…

I’ve walked the walk.

But what I’m going to say next is more important than all that real estate experience.

I’m a number crunching maniac.

And a darn good one.

…been that way all my life... from my earliest childhood memories.

When other children my age were watching “I Dream of Genie” or playing with their Barbie dolls or “GI Joes” – I was building charts and graphs.

My favorite birthday gift of all time was “The World Atlas” – a large, thick, hardbound copy full of maps, charts and graphs.

I was in third grade.

For many months after that birthday, I stopped watching TV or going outside to play.

…instead, I memorized The World Atlas.

It was a weird time for my parents, they grew very concerned and wondered if they’d spawned some freak of nature!

My obsession with numbers and charts never died, it just took different forms as I grew older.

I earned my Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation in 1979, right out of college.

In a grueling accounting exam competition, I finished in first place for the entire State of Pennsylvania and placed #8 in the entire USA.

I spent the next three years with the most prestigious international accounting and consulting firm in the world… assisting big-time “national” real estate clients structuring mega-sized deals all over the country.

I went back to grad school in 1982 and earned an M.B.A. from the prestigious Harvard Business School, (Class of 1984, Sec. ‘H’).


I’ve been trying to “crack” the real estate investing “code” since the early 1980’s… it cost me millions of dollars in “trial & error” mistakes, lost opportunity costs and countless years of study.

You see, my preferred style of real estate investing is going from county to county, and from state to state, cherry-picking the cream of the crop and moving on. I had full-time teams of acquisition, marketing and sales staff working for me.

It was my responsibility to choose the markets we’d enter next.

Even with that specialized knowledge, I made many of the same mistakes most other real estate investors make… thinking success was all about “the property.”

It’s an easy mistake to make… I’d find a “good deal” and jump on it.

Being so thick into the ‘trees’ it’s hard to see the ‘forest’ –  never stopping to realize, the true meaning of the old real estate investors’ adage…

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Location, Location, Location.

I always thought it meant being on the right side of the tracks, or in the right neighborhood, or, for commercial property, on the right side of the street.

I was wrong.

It’s not that those micro-location things are unimportant, it’s just that “location, location, location” really means you’ve got to be in the right market to start with.

If choosing the right neighborhood is
important, then isn’t choosing the right
city exponentially more important?

I’d rather be an ‘average’ investor in a red hot market than an excellent investor in a declining market. I’ll make a lot more money with less effort and lower risk.

Time is your only limited commodity.

The more time you spend investing in crummy markets, the less time you’ll be invested in great markets.

They call this “Opportunity Costs” – it’s the biggest expense of your life because what you’re really after is freedom.

Freedom from worry and freedom from financial pressures.

Freedom to do what you want.

No one ever lays on their death-bed wishing they had spent more time working!

So, taking a page out of the Politian’s playbook, I put a big sign on my office wall that read…

“It’s the Market, stupid!”

…more specifically, it’s the market cycle.

Knowing the difference between hot, emerging markets and dead, declining markets was the difference between fabulous success or getting bogged down with a bunch of real estate ‘headaches’ and inventory.

In hot markets, everyone looks like a genius…
everything you touch turns to gold!

In crummy markets, it’s a lot of work, a lot of risk, and very limited upside profits.

Sometimes, in weak real estate markets… you can’t do anything right.


Finally, a few years ago, all the pieces fell into place… and we’re now stepping across the threshold.

Whether you’re prepared for it or not…

Show me the Hot Markets!

The dawn of an entirely new
investing era is upon us.

Because of the convergence of four factors, you better start saying goodbye to the old days of real estate investing:

  1. The Internet  24/7/365 instant digital access to an immeasurable amount of online resources means you can now truly “Live Where You Want, Invest Where It’s Best!.”
  2. Personal Computers & Software When I first learned Technical Analysis (the science of predicting market cycles and trends) at Harvard Business School in 1983, it was still very primitive, and only available at the biggest Investment Banks or Global Trading firms.

    You needed a super-computer and ‘millions’ of dollars in custom software programming just to get started… and it was only available for the stock, commodities and ‘futures’ markets.
  3. Volatile and Divergent Local Markets Nowadays, real estate fortunes are made and lost in a very short time span. Even markets only 100 miles apart can move in opposite directions.

    Local real estate markets themselves now ‘act’ independently. Contrary to popular opinion and media reports, most local real estate markets in the U.S. did not experience a housing boom over the last 4 or 5 years! A few hot areas garnered all the attention, while most markets flat-lined or displayed only moderate growth.  
  4. A Number Crunching Maniac (to put it all together)

That’s where I come in!

Decades of real estate investing experience moving from market to market, the ability and desire to create and/or decipher complex mathematical  equations, an intense understanding of Technical Analysis… and the time and financial resources to make it happen.

For most of my adult life, cracking the real estate market cycle code has been my mission.

Several years ago, I actually did it… and it works!

Ever since then, my life has been turned upside down creating a “user-friendly” version for all you non-number crunching maniacs out there! ;-) 

I’ve been locked-away in my home-office, tele-commuting with the best computer programmers in the world, seven days a week creating what you’re about witness.

Until recently, the only break I took was to feed my horses and other animals twice a day… I sacrificed much getting this invention ready for you.

It was quite common for several weeks to pass where I never left my farm, never even saw a paved road… just kept my nose to the grindstone.

It’s finally ready!!

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You can now be a master of 
every local housing market…
in 60 seconds or less.

(OK - It may take you a little longer at first!)

On July, 25 2006, after an investment of more than 15,000 man-hours of programming, design and management talent, I ‘sold’ a limited number of Charter Memberships to help beta-test the HousingAlerts system.

Within 10 days, I had more subscribers than I “wanted” and closed the doors on August 4th.

Since that time, and except for two “platform” presentations where we offered a limited number of new memberships (that half the room took advantage of), I have not allowed any new members to join… although requests come in almost daily.

Here’s what some of those original “Charter Members” have to say:

“You know quality when you see it!

Hi Ken,

I just wanted to say that I got a
chance to listen to the eBay re-play and couldn't have
been more impressed. I'm glad I "took" the opportunity
to join as a Charter Member, but must admit, I
hesitated quite a bit. If I had a clue as to all of the
back-end training and education that comes with this
membership I would have signed on the day I rec'd the
first email. Either I wasn't reading and listening
carefully (probably the case) or you could have made a
much, much stronger case for membership!

I so look forward to my future as your student. I've
been very actively searching for mentorship in real
estate investment for nearly four years now and at a
very hefty trial-and-error price. I didn't really know
what to look for, but as the saying goes, "You'll know
it when you see it."
And it's very clear to me that I've finally found

Bob O.

 “More Power to you, Ken

I spent the whole weekend understanding the system, listening to tutorials and I tell you, Ken you have brought something that should been available to investors like me long time ago; we will no longer take the speculation route...... it is there for the taking. You are really a gift to all of us. More power to you.”

Victor L.

“Thanks for all the time you spent on the phone with me [talking] about the market that I'm in ... the Bakersfield area.

 Also you helped me understand some different strategies and what is the best for my situation.

I learned how trends are most important part of investing or making money in Real Estate. Thanks for all you attention and help Ken.”

Bruce G.

“Thanks Ken!

Appreciate your time, patience, experience and willingness to share it to help others. Our phone conservation was enlightening in how to use the site and get the best use of the information provided. I recommend to all members to watch the videos to maximize the power of all the information provided.”

Adam G.

“I just wanted to thank Ken for his dedication. Ken recently spent over two hours on the phone with me discussing my real estate strategy, real estate trends, and how housing alerts fits into the whole scheme of things. He did this after spending his morning talking with other students about there situation. Now I call that serious dedication!

He also personally looked at and confirmed my preliminary findings that El Paso Texas is looking very good and really heating up. I don’t live in El Paso but I’m planning on investing there very soon. Thanks for all your hard work Ken.”

Kelly F.


It’s been almost 90 hours since the experience,
and I can still only think of my interaction with
Ken Wade in superlatives!!

Not having found the answer, in the Forum, to a
little problem I was experiencing in using the site,
I called [Ken], fully expecting to get a
“30-sec quick fix” and be on my way… what I got
instead, was a 30-min plus orientation on the site,
the currently available tools and how to best use
them to accomplish my purpose.

Ken’s experience in T/A and it’s application to
Real Estate, and his passion for his craft are

In addition, he possesses that rare attribute of
only THE VERY BEST TEACHERS, to quickly uncover the
essential core of your confusion, or lack of
understanding, and then explaining it away in a
manner, and at the level, that makes, what could
easily be a “drinking from a fire-hose” type
experience, fully fun and comprehensible.

Having been in the trenches for a little bit myself,
I am convinced that, properly employed, the tools
that we currently have access to gives us
AN UNASSAILABLE EDGE over any other R/E investor
out there, especially in the uncertainty of markets
such as the current one; and this edge will only
increase with additional layers of refinement and
the pooled experiences and results of our group.

And when you add to this Ken’s vision and plans
for the “Total Market Master” program,

I’d had a little exposure to T/A for the purpose
of picking stocks, so, as a believer, I had absolutely
no hesitation in signing up for the Charter
Membership… now I’m a disciple! I sense a fun,
exciting, hugely profitable ride! I’m chomping at
the bit!! I can’t wait!!!

Fellow charter members I exhort you to get
involved, let’s get to know each other in the
Forum while we’re still just a handfull,
let’s start testing the tools and doing deals.

Did I say, “WOW!!”?

Eustace J.
New York

 "I had 5 properties and 1.5 acre land that I sold too soon. Not having HousingAlerts.com cost me 500K on the land and at least 100K on each property.

My losses, because I didn't know the future, total $1-million.

I was investing for 5 years and for much of that time my properties had negative appreciation.

Hard lesson but I learned it [I need to know the future]."


 “Talk about customer service, I called Ken today and I'm happy that he's willing to spend almost one hour of his time with me. He helped me evaluate several markets that I'm interested and I also got some help on TA analysis. For other charter members who have questions about how to use this system, you might want to try the hotline when we're still a small group (and Ken can still afford to spend more time speaking with you.” 

Yulin P.

 “Hi Ken,

I am so grateful and amazed at the same time to have talked to you. Not just for minutes , but you actually patiently answered my questions for more than an hour. It is comforting to know that you are there to guide and teach us , specially a non-technical person like me the ropes of the system.

Because of our talk, I now have a better understanding of how to use the system . I can't wait for a couple more weeks until we get the rubber on the road.

Blessings to you and your beloved family.”

Germie R.


This is incredible.

Absolutely the best 'Must Have' tool in my real estate investing toolbox.

Having this information two weeks ago put a $50,000.00 check in my pocket, literally!  I used the market timing tools to determine what my market was ACTUALLY doing, then, printed out the reports to show the buyer and the seller...they couldn't argue with the facts and both agreed to the terms of the wholesale...WOW!  That was easy...

(and it felt great to be the only one in the room who truly understood the facts...powerful stuff)

I will 'never leave home without it' in my real estate investing business again!” 

Steve O.
North Carolina

The feedback from this small group of original Charter Members during the beta-testing period was priceless… Now that this revolutionary system is fully tested and completely user friendly… it’s finally ready for public release!

In a minute, I’m going to get a bit ‘technical.’

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Before we go any further, you need to
understand exactly why real estate
investing “works” in the first place.

You’ve heard statements like “The majority of all multi-millionaires achieved their wealth by investing in real estate.”

Let’s look at why that’s true.

(Click the play button to start this video.)

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All Real Estate Wealth Comes
From Two Sources…

Every aspect of real estate wealth or profits can be traced directly back to:

1) Leverage (Financial, Legal & Operating)

2) Appreciation (Forced & Automatic)


Leverage refers to the ability to own or control a valuable asset without putting up all the money.

You can achieve leverage by simply getting a mortgage loan.

Other ways to achieve leverage include, for example, tying-up or controlling a property with an “option to purchase” or buying it via an installment contract. There are dozens of other ways to achieve leverage.

Leverage is the heart of “creative” real estate investing… it’s the foundation underlying all “no-money-down” strategies. Here’s why:

If you buy a house worth $100,000 and obtain a $90,000 mortgage loan, you have a 10:1 leverage ratio. You control the entire $100,000 asset but only put up $10,000 of your own cash.

If that asset increases in value by 15%, it’s now worth $115,000. You made $15,000 (paper profit) on your $10,000 investment… or a 150% ROI.

On the other hand, if the house loses 15% of its value, it’s now worth $85,000 and you’ve already lost your entire $10,000 investment and must come out of pocket and pay someone $5,000 to buy it from you.

(It actually get’s uglier than that, because you also have transaction costs to fork over… they could be another $8,000 you’d have to pay just to unload the property.) 

You need to know when to maximize leverage… and how to avoid getting caught in the wringer of declining markets.

There are many great investment strategies (and teachers) that have taken the ‘Art of Leverage’ to new heights… you should learn from them.

The important point is this…

Leverage multiplies the effects of appreciation (or decline)… it does not, by itself, create any wealth. 

Appreciation, not leverage,
is what makes you money.

In fact, if the market value declines – leverage can multiple that pain.

That’s why leverage can be either beneficial or risky.

Depending on the specific strategy, it can wipe you out in a falling market the same way it can make you very wealthy in a rising market. 

The key with using leverage is to make sure your use of it matches where your local market is in its cycle.


While I’ve used about every known form of leverage at one point or another, my “mission” has been to master the appreciation side of the equation… because that’s where the big money is!

There are two types of appreciation:

1)  Forced Appreciation (Skill, Hard Work, Risk, Limited Upside)

This is what we, as “traditional” real estate investors were taught to focus on. Buy low and (hopefully) sell higher.

Most forced appreciation strategies rely on finding “motivated sellers” as they represent the best likelihood of getting the best price and/or terms.

Forced Appreciation investors only make money on the “spread” – the upside profit is limited… you make your money by “buying it right” (presumably at below market prices or terms).

Forced Appreciation is not the way to massive, auto-pilot riches.

2)  Automatic Appreciation

If you’ve been an active real estate investor for any length of time, then you’ve probably noticed something like this…

Those huge profit windfalls you read or hear about seem to happen simply because someone owned property in the right place at the right time… and not from any ‘hard work’ or special skills.

I know for me personally, I used to work my butt off finding motivated sellers, tying-up and improving the property, managing crews of employees, agents and contractors and spending lots of hard-earned cash.

And although I did very well, there was always someone in the “next county” or the “next state” who was making money hand over fist without knowing the first thing about real estate investing.

They were just lucky!

…and that’s the ‘thing’ about Automatic Appreciation…  

It benefits any (and every) man, woman or child with a deed or other equitable real estate interest who happens to be in the right place at the right time.

Click here to become a Total Market Master!

Automatic Appreciation
is the great equalizer.

Automatic Appreciation does not require any special real estate investing skills.

If you focus on Automatic Appreciation, there are unlimited acquisition candidates… you can buy at full market value… because maximizing real estate wealth is not about the property, it’s about being in the right place at the right time.

With Automatic Appreciation, there is massive upside potential; you aren’t trying to make money on the “spread”.

Most real estate investing risk comes from falling market values.

If you’re in a rapidly rising market, there isn’t much that can go wrong… being in the right market is very ‘forgiving’ of any other mistakes you make.

Most important…

Automatic Appreciation can be
combined with Forced Appreciation.

They aren’t mutually exclusive…
…you can use both at the same time.

It was hard for me to let go of my “Forced Appreciation” training. For decades, I’ve been going into markets, buying property at below market prices and/or terms… and I’d never suggest that’s a bad thing!

For me, the forced appreciation side of the business is also where all the “work” is…

If you can capture the lion’s share of the upside profit by focusing only on automatic appreciation… while eliminating most of the hard work associated with forced appreciation, well… it’s a personal choice you get to make.

For me, I now choose to enjoy the “freedom” that comes with working smarter, not harder.

As you saw in the videos above, every local real estate market is as unique as a fingerprint. When one market is crashing… another one is booming.

They all have one common element.

All markets ultimately go up and down
for one reason, and one reason only…

Supply & Demand

That’s where Trend Analysis comes in.

When You Have Accurate, Consistent Data, You Can Always Use Time-Tested And Proven Methods Of ‘Trend Analysis’
To Help Anticipate What’s Coming...

“Crash Course in Trend Analysis”

Trend Analysis or Technical Analysis (‘TA’ for short) is the science of predicting future market cycles using historical Supply & Demand data.

It’s an age-old technique (first invented by ancient Japanese rice traders in the 1500’s) that’s used today by every investment bank, every commodity speculator and every global trading firm on the planet to predict future market cycles and trends.

Using TA to identify and predict real estate market trends requires only three things:

  • Dead-accurate home price information,
  • A basic understanding of TA, and
  • A way to put it all together.

It works because housing markets never change direction randomly. They develop gradually over a long period of time by relatively predictable trends.

That’s where #1 comes in: you need accurate data of what home prices are actually doing in each individual local market. When you have the right numbers, you can use Technical Analysis to interpret these numbers and predict where the market is heading.

Technical Analysis can be very complex.

Last time I checked, there were 14,546 books listed at Amazon.com® under the search term “Technical Analysis.”

In the stock and financial markets, the level of TA sophistication is staggering… they use specialized TA ‘studies’ like “Fibonacci Retracements,” “Japanese Candlesticks” and many more.

(Fibonacci was the famous mathematician who, back in the 13th century, invented the decimal numbering system we now use and the more famous “Golden Section” series of numbers that is now a cornerstone of modern day TA.)

Fortunately, real estate markets are like a big, slow-moving train when compared to the fast-paced, erratic movements of the minute-by-minute world of global financial markets.

We don’t need to use all those top-level super-sophisticated TA studies; it would be overkill; kinda like killing flies with a hammer.

You also don’t need to understand any high level math or spend days plotting data points and crunching through statistical calculations, I’ve already done all that for you.

The heart of the HousingAlerts real estate market timing program is a  pre-designed graphical interface that automatically generates all the TA ‘studies’ and charts with a simple mouse click!

TA is easy to use because it’s 100% “visual.”

Boring statistics and things like economic indicators, foreclosure rates, housing starts, ‘average time on market’ and a zillion other confusing data points are completely irrelevant (in fact, many TA experts avoid all ‘subjective’ data… and for good reason!)

Basically, if you can read a graph, you can use Technical Analysis.

 With HousingAlerts, once you watch a couple intro videos, even a caveman or a five year old could do it!

You’ve already seen the million dollar difference market cycle timing makes, even if you invest only in your local market.

You’ve also seen the $13 million difference if you simply re-invest in hot markets, instead of waiting out a local market cycle downturn by putting your money in a bank.

There’s only one source for that kind of information… HousingAlerts.com

But, that wasn’t always the case.

Take a look at what I went through before finally cracking the code:

(Click the play button to start this video.)

Enroll Now.

What you really want to know (for any market) is whether or not home prices are rising or falling, by how much, for how long and if the trend will continue.

You don’t need to be a “local” investor to be a Local Market Master™ – In fact, believing strongly in your ‘local knowledge’ is usually counter productive because…

The Truth is Always in the Numbers.

‘Backyard’ investors seem to depend on news stories and other anecdotal evidence to guess where their market is headed… and they almost always get it wrong.

It simply doesn’t matter if…

…Because the combined and cumulative affect of all these factors is what makes home prices rise and fall in the first place.

Rather than try to guess and anticipate what impact all these varying factors will do to real estate values, just…

Pay attention to what the market
is already telling you.

In other words, every local circumstance that can impact home values is already reflected in the home price itself.

Focus on the numbers,
not the ‘indicators’.

With HousingAlerts, you can now spot new trends in 93% of all U.S. housing markets with a click of the mouse from anywhere in the world. 

"You can only get these results by one of two methods.
You get it by luck or you get the right investing tools."

It's true! By combining what you already know with access to the right system you can stop buying real estate and crossing your fingers hoping it goes up... In fact,...

You can use the same tools the big boys use and start investing like the pro’s…
In no time at all you’ll be:

And much, much more.

In order to correctly and quickly make the most important decision in any real estate deal (when and where to invest) , you'll need a membership with a complete list of the tools you need... In order to have a complete checklist...

"Write down this list of tools"

real estate market timing
$2999 Value
You want an easy, fast overview...

Imagine having a friendly Realtor in every city in the nation ready to "comp out" any market in nanoseconds

This means you…

free real estate training Know exactly how your market is performing compared to any other or every other market.

free real estate trainingSet any time period(s) over the past 31 years for the ranked list hot or cold markets.

free real estate training Scan the entire country for emerging hot markets or to avoid rapidly chilling markets..

free real estate trainingInstantly locate real estate markets (by state region, or nation) showing early warning signs of crashing.

real estate market timing software
$2999 Value

You want perfect market selection...

Imagine being able to have a list of targeted markets perfectly matched to your investing style and skills

This means you get …

free real estate trainingEvery market nationally, regionally, & at the state level matched perfectly to your investment goals and style.

free real estate trainingTo bottom fish for deep discounts or ride the wave of the hottest appreciation areas you can own.

free real estate trainingA push-button solution to knowing if a property is right when a seller calls or you see a new For Sale By Owner.

free real estate trainingSet any time period(s) over the past 31 years for the scan of idea investing markets.

housing alerts membership
$1999 Value

You want to score big...

With 379 markets comprising 14,468 different places, it's nice to boil the analysis down to a single number...

With a click of a button...

free real estate training Find Top Performing Markets Anywhere In The U.S.A.

free real estate training Find Out Which Markets Are Hot … Or Cold.

housing alerts membership
$297 Value per report
Top 20 alone is a $5940 Value

You want a Real Estate MBA...

Select from 14,468 different places to get a detailed report on the market just like bankers who pay $400 to $1000 a month per city to own.

And frankly this reporting software is even better because it's modeled on the exact strategy a Harvard MBA in real estate and trend analysis uses before investing in any property.

This means you get …

free real estate trainingThe advantages of a Harvard MBA in real estate and trend analysis without the high cost to attend an ivy league school, the years to commit, the finals to cram for, & the almost impossible admissions process or standards .

free real estate training Complete reports for each area starting with an analysis of the national market working all the way down to the most detailed and meaningful level needed to make good real estate investing decisions.

free real estate training Instant access to all the reports (any one of which would take at least 19 pages to print out) and you can hop from location to location by clicking your mouse or typing in your favorite city name.

housing alerts membership
$1999 Value

You want total control...

No matter how you want to look at a market, you can. This one tool allows you the ability to analyze a market with the same methodology of a Wall Street advisor.

This means you get …

free real estate training Customized units for any chart or graph allowing you to make the most meaningful comparisons between markets.
free real estate training Easy to add support and resistance "trend lines" and other helpful marks to identify market cycles.

free real estate training Printable support documents to give to buyers, sellers, or lenders to get your deals done and done profitably.

housing alerts membership
$4999 Value

You want the big picture like a meteorologist shows you the weather.

The D.R.E.A.M. (Dynamic Real Estate Appreciation Map) Tool is does for a real estate investor seeing high appreciation areas what a weather map does for a meteorologist.

You can see in an instant exactly where the "high appreciation areas" are and how they're moving so you can anticipate the next big boom way before it happens.

This means you get …

free real estate training A graphical representation of the movement of values across the nation, region or state.

free real estate trainingTo watch the time lapse transformation of a market giving you an almost psychic knowledge of what's up.

free real estate training Point and click access connecting a spot on the map to it's corresponding "Single City Report".

When you add it all up, over $18,000 of value is combined into these tools.

Add it up yourself....

The tools to become a real estate market timer...
HousingAlerts.com Market Scanner - Get the skinny on every market nationwide at the click of a button...
$ 2,999
HousingAlerts.com Market Screener - Find the perfect market for your perfect deal...
$ 2,999
HousingAlerts.com Market Performance Score - Know instantly the relative value and "score" of every of the 14,468 places instantly... $ 1,999
HousingAlerts.com Single City Reports - $297 per report per month... (If you only care about the top 20 that's...)
$ 5,940
HousingAlerts.com Custom Charts and Tables Tool - You're in control for the analysis of any market...
$ 1,999
HousingAlerts.com D.R.E.A.M. Tool (Dynamic Real Estate Appreciation Map).
$ 4,999
Real Estate Market Timing Package Value: 
$ 20,935

You won't pay $ 20,935 to access millionaire markets today...

So even if you've paid $20,000 for mastery courses or $5000 for introductory boot camp seminars, you'll be amazed that your membership with HousingAlerts.com can start now for..

...only $1997 and $97 a month.

And even this ridiculously low enrollment fee is protected by a...

1) If you are not 100% thrilled with your membership go to our 24/7 help desk for a full refund any time in your first 30-days of membership;

2) From the moment you cancel your membership, you will not be charged another penny-guaranteed;

3) And, by enrolling today, your membership subscription fee is "locked-in" and will never go up, even as additional tools and features are added for you.

Basically, that means you should go ahead and enroll now and take it for a test drive because in the first 30 days, you'll get all your money back even if you don't like the color of the graphics or the text size.

And there's something even more valuable you get during that 30 day test and every thirty days thereafter...

...because great tools in the hands
of the untrained are useless...

That's why when you enroll to become a real estate market timer, you get specialized training and support

Here's what you get for only $97 / month...

housing alerts membership

Value $299 / Month

free real estate training Instant access to "Fast Start" tutorial videos to get you analyzing markets in minutes.

free real estate training Market Timing Mastery Membership special member only bonuses and offers. For example, members enjoyed free attendance to a Las Vegas real estate training event--free--where others paid $1997.

free real estate training Online video training accessible anywhere.

Plus you get...

Government data continually secured for you
by the Freedom of Information Act...

housing alerts membership

Value $299 / Month

free real estate training Instant, 24 hour a day access to the only comprehensive home price database available.

free real estate training Hands-free updating. The moment the data is available, all reports, graphs, and tools are updated.

Remember, this data is available by the Freedom of Information Act and cost you untold time and money,... With your membership you get it instantly and at an unprecidented value.

And, exclusive access to ongoing real estate market timing education...

housing alerts membership

Value $399 / Month

free real estate trainingFor all your customer service needs, you have complete access to an online service center including a detailed FAQ and knowledge base, email Q&A, etc.

free real estate trainingFurthermore, you get 24/7 access to the "Ask Ken" button on every tool!

Ken Wade, the actual inventor of this market timing system, will help answer your questions and keep you on course to becoming a Total Market Master in no time flat.

free real estate trainingOngoing Member's only training. Periodically, Ken will release new emerging & hot market reports and specialized video training.

Imagine being assisted on your path to success by a Harvard MBA & CPA in his 3rd decade of real estate investing!

That one unscheduled bonus paid for 10 full months of membership and more comes every quarter...

Here's what you get every month...
Market Timing Mastery Membership
$ 299
Quarterly data updates
$ 299
HousingAlerts.com Market Timing Hotline
$ 399
Monthly Membership Value: 
$ 997

So, Enroll In HousingAlerts.comTM
Real Estate Market Timing Membership
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Yes, Ken. I see the power of investing in real estate when I know the future of the real estate market. I want to have complete access to all the tools in the HousingAlerts.com Real Estate Market Timing Membership and...

  • I understand that once my order is authorized, you will instantly create my membership to the HousingAlerts.com tools accessible from any computer connected to the Internet.
  • I understand and authorize the initial enrollment of $1997 today. I'll have complete access right away and the $97 per month subscription will not start for another 30 days. I'm entitled to full access to everything listed as long as I'm a member.
  • I understand I will have access to the market timing analysis, reports and data for 14,468 places covering 93% of all housing in the U.S.
  • I understand that you nor anyone else has made any income promises or guarantees. Further, my results are solely dependant upon my efforts and the decisions I make with the information I obtain.
  • I understand this membership has closed in the past and may close at any time; however, when I become a member now, I'm a member even when the doors are closed.

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See you inside.

 To your success in real estate,

Ken Wade

The Whole Truth Investor

 P.S. Remember... we offer a no-questions-asked Thirty (30) Day Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason (or no reason at all!) you are not completely satisfied within 30 days of original purchase, you'll get a prompt refund within three business days.

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