"Over the Past 7 Years, Real Estate Investors Were Broadsided by the Market's Plummet and Unprepared for its Resurgence…"

But the few who understood how to apply a little-known market analysis strategy predicted BOTH of these cycles… and made 30 years of real estate profits while others went bust…

Join Harvard MBA, CPA, Ken Wade for a free training where he will take you inside the system that has predicted, in real time, the exact start and the exact end of every major wealth-creating real estate cycle in the past 30 years.

On this training, Ken will show you…

  • A clear and simple demonstration (with PROOF) of the TWO MOST POWERFUL principles in real estate investing: leverage and appreciation (ignore at your own peril)
  • How - unless you harness the power of AUTOMATIC appreciation - you'll only ever have a real estate JOB - not a true investment - (and how to avoid that)
  • How MARKET MOMENTUM is the true driver of appreciation (and depreciation) in EVERY local market - and how to TRACK IT!
  • How you can FINALLY stop chasing DEALS and start following MARKETS (97% of investors will never, ever get this, and that means it's your chance to WIN BIG…)
  • A super-simple RED, YELLOW, GREEN indicator system that can guide your decisions about where and when to invest (you've NEVER seen anything like this)
  • Examples from markets around the country so you can see these principles in action… (this isn't THEORY - it's DATA)
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RECAP: What You'll Get on this FREE Training

Key #1

Every single real estate market is driven by LOCAL MOMENTUM… and it's 100% predictable...

Key #2

The way to quickly build equity in real estate is to harness the dynamic power of UNFORCED appreciation. (But do this wrong and risk losing everything.)

Key #3

YOUR success as an investor depends on your ability to predict where the markets are going and act accordingly… (imagine if you had known what was coming back in 2006… or 2011…)