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Market Reports

Market Breadth Continues to Weaken Y-O-Y

1/4th of U.S. Markets Lost Value Year-over-Year

It doesn’t feel right.

102 out of the 400 major real estate markets in the U.S. experienced ‘real’ decline in home value Year-Over-Year… they didn’t even keep up with inflation.

NO ONE is talking about this.

I’m not saying the sky is falling,

Quarterly Market Data

List of the 199 DECLINING U.S. Real Estate Markets 

The previous Market Report caused lots of questions about when to use “Year-Over-Year” vs. “Quarter-Over-Quarter” data. When analyzing YOUR local market, you need to look at BOTH; they produce very different results in rapidly changing markets (that’s a good thing!). 

Half of all real estate markets lost value Qtr-over-QtrAlmost 1/5th of all markets lost value Yr-over-Yr

You can see from the two headlines above,

Market Breadth Getting Weaker

Half of all real estate
markets losing value Qtr-over-Qtr
Almost 1/5th of all markets losing value Yr-over-Yr

I just got back from a real estate mastermind conference; lots of very smart investors. NONE of them knew that nearly 1/5th of all major US real estate markets are now in decline. 

They were blown away when I showed them the list (scroll down).