VPNs and Potential Account Lock-Outs

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is primarily designed to conceal your actual location, allowing you to appear as if you are accessing the internet from a different location. While its original purpose was to enhance online security, VPNs are now commonly used for GEO Spoofing. This means individuals utilize VPNs to access content from other countries,

Micro Market Data Date


How often do the Micro Market Indicator Maps get updated?

Why do the Micro Market Indicator Maps show the date “Preliminary”?

Why do the Micro Market Indicator Maps only show the ‘year’ as the date?


Micro Markets, which consist of counties,

Map vs Gauges & Table Color Schemes

Our data TABLES and GAUGES use a simplified ‘traffic light’ color scheme of green, yellow, or red whereas our MAPS use all 10 colors on the color wheel (from red to blue to pink and purple) which makes it easier to see the different levels of hot/cold or strong/weak on the maps.

The map colors are roughly in-line with the comparison charts below...

Map Tools – General User Guide

We have a large array of Map Tools offered. Each group of Maps has their own specific data sets and features. You may see more Maps and features added as we continue to grow our systems.

Our various Maps cover data beginning at the “State” level and many even work their way down to the granular “Neighborhood”

Map Indicator Definitions

Master Score (raw)

This is the best single indicator (if you only want to look at ONE indicator). The “Master Score” is a proprietary algorithm that integrates our data into both a ‘raw’ score or a ‘percentile ranking.’

The ‘raw’ score indicates the ‘absolute’ market strength (or weakness) compared to previous local and national real estate cycles.

When Maps Do NOT Align


Why don’t the Micro and Metro Maps and indicators always look the “same” for the same market?


The most common explanation is because the maps may not be using the same indicator.

For example, Micro Maps load the “Annual Home Price Appreciation (“AHPA”) – 2 yr CAGR”

Interpreting Moving Averages in the Wealth Phase Charts


In the wealth phase chart, which line represents the slow moving average and the which represents the fast moving average?  Does the fast moving average line signal about a year ahead?


The MA (Moving Average) lines individually do not have any particular time period attached to them but depending on where/how you’re using the green line,

Cash Flow vs Appreciation


Seems like the info is mainly based on how much an area will appreciate. We don’t buy that way. We base everything we do on cash flow with appreciation being a byproduct.


With all due respect, this approach may, in my humble opinion, leave a lot of money on the table and cause excessive,

House Value Finder – Users Guide

This tool is unprecedented in the REI industry for 3 Big Reasons:

You can now find the median home value for any county, zip code, or neighborhood, with the click of a mouse.
You can find HOT appreciating markets that have the lowest cost properties.
You can price your deals better than competing investors in any market.

Using the STAR Momentum Indicators to ENTER and EXIT markets

We look at TWO broad categories (variables) to analyze a market:

a) Momentum (red, yellow, green STAR traffic signal icons)
b) Technical Score (TAPS slider balls)

These are both important and INDEPENDENT variables. They do not always agree/align.

Housing Alerts Lite & PRO 
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Housing Alerts Legacy (Classic) 
[ Joined Before January 2018 ]

So with that as background,

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