What is the next investment step after finding a market?

We always keep track of any markets we’re in on a monthly basis. After you’ve followed a buying signal, you want to make sure you recognize any developing weaknesses early. I would recommend you dig a little deeper into the in-depth market research so you’re familiar with the tools we provide.

At the same time –

Can I upgrade my subscription?

Your subscription can be upgraded anytime! Login to your Membership Dashboard, click the “My Account” tab, and then select “Upgrade My Subscription” from the drop-down menu. You’ll be redirected to the upgrade page where you can then choose your desired upgrade. Follow the steps indicated on the page. Customer Support will then receive a notification,

Subject-To’s, Pre-Construction, and Lease options in a DECLINING market


Will Subject-to’s, Preconstruction and Lease options create wealth in declining markets?


Subject-To’s, Lease-Options and Pre-Construction are a few of the ways to get extreme leverage. They do not create any wealth, per se, they just allow you to control a high valued asset (real estate) with little or no money in the deal.

Realtor Program

As briefly mentioned on the webinar, Ken has a few ideas on how HousingAlerts could help realtors, but we’re most interested in how YOU think this information could best help you!

As you go through the site, please let us know your ideas. We’ll be doing this with the other realtors too,

Printing, Reproducing or Distributing Charts or Tables


Can I print, reproduce or distribute any charts or tables?


The charts, tables, videos, commentary and all other materials inside the HousingAlerts Members Area are for your personal use only. They are copyright protected and cannot be copied or redistributed in any manner, free or otherwise. (Obviously,

Monthly Subscription Fee


Why is there a monthly subscription fee?


Your upfront investment works out to a couple dollars per market for the most accurate market cycle analysis system on the planet. Our closest competitor charges a one-time fee of $400 for **each** market, **each quarter**… and still doesn’t provide any actionable data or analysis.

Investing in Small Towns in Rural Areas

Unfortunately, small rural areas do not have enough transactions each quarter to create a statistically valid sample size. In general, they follow the trends of nearby larger markets.

HousingAlerts.com is a top-level market analysis tool – it answers the most important question of “when & where” you should invest. Once you know the state of the market and it’s cycle,

How many markets do you cover?

HousingAlerts data covers approximately 405 Metro City (MSA) markets, as well as State and Regional markets. In addition, the system also includes county, zip codes (over 20,000), and neighborhood level micro-markets.

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Effect of HousingAlerts System to Buying Tax Certificates


Does HousingAlerts system have any effect on buying tax certificates?


HousingAlerts has an effect on buying tax certificates. It lets you know what areas of the country are set for appreciation so you can maximize your efforts by focusing your investing in these areas, no matter what strategy you use to acquire properties.

Can I change my market(s)?

If you want to change a market, we recommend upgrading to the entire “State” or “Region” that covers all your desired target markets. This typically ends up being more economical, and you broaden your search area to find more and possibly better hot markets for potential investing!

Please contact Customer Support to discuss options best suitable for your investment strategy:

Phone: (800) 210-0667
Email: members@HousingAlerts.com

As always,

Capitalization Rate (Cap Rate)


Does HousingAlerts tell or show the Cap Rate / Market Cap Rate for Apartment buildings?


HousingAlerts can and should be used to SET the risk adjusted Cap Rate so you can compare deals/properties in different markets on an apples-to-apples (risk adjusted) basis.

For example, a property in a crummy market should sell for less (higher Cap rate) than the 'same' property in a hot appreciating market.

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