Pin Pointing Hot Zip Codes in Cities with Strong Master Scores


How do I pinpoint the hottest zip codes in cities that have the strongest Master Scores?


First and foremost, it’s important to recognize the limitations of “momentum” (aka “trends) and how/why it’s only a part of the equation.

To understand this better, make sure to check out the second half of this video: TAPS &

Real Estate Cycle Charts – The Basics

Charts showing the annual appreciation or decline in real estate values over time are visual snapshots of Supply & Demand forces in action.  Technical Analysis (TA) relies on these charts because they accurately reflect what ACTUALLY happened.

ANY and ALL Fundamental factors that can and did influence real estate values in THAT market,

What do the Different Colors Mean in the STAR Momentum Indicators?

The different colors show the energy behind any market. Green means positive, upward sloping momentum. Red means the opposite. Yellow occurs when, in the current period, the slope/direction changes for the specific trigger.

The first step in locating investment candidates is evaluating the S.T.A.R. indicators. Each of the six ‘triggers’ represent a distinct Technical Analysis (TA) ‘event.’

Micro Maps – Users Guide

Micro Maps are the very definition of granular data in the Real Estate Investing world. These start at the “County” level, move to “Zip Codes” and then zoom down to the “Neighborhood” level.

Locating the Micro Maps

To find the Micro Maps, simply click on the Maps tab on the menu bar, and select Micro Maps from the drop-down list.

Micro Market Ranking Tools – Users Guide

One of our best tools for Flippers, Wholesalers and Landlords is the Micro Market Rankings! Learn how to target the best counties, zip codes and NEIGHBORHOODS in just a few clicks!

Locating the Micro Market Rankings tool

To find the Micro Market Rankings, simply click on the Market Finder tab on the menu bar,

Flipping and Wholesaling

Micro Maps

This is a wholesaler’s and flippers dream tool! There is NOTHING that could have as big of an impact on your success than knowing WHERE to focus your time, money and effort.

The Micro Maps ALONE can save you tens of thousands of dollars in marketing costs just by knowing what neighborhoods and zip codes to target for acquisitions (and which neighborhoods to AVOID).

Hot Market Finder – Training Videos

We’ve added 3 new videos using our Hot Market Finder tool. These videos can be found in the Education and Tutorial section of the Membership Dashboard.

The 1st video is the ‘ Top 25 Markets’ in the US.

We review the Top 25 Markets that are showing strong momentum and growth potential right now.

Hot Market Finder – Users Guide

You can now pinpoint and rank EVERY real estate market in your subscription, using multiple, proven and back-tested indicators. The Hot Marker Finder is one of our most powerful tools within HousingAlerts.

Locating the Hot Market Finder tool

To find the Hot Market Finder, simply click on the Market Finder tab on the menu bar,

Finding Hot Local and Micro Markets

When using the HousingAlerts system, here is the sequence to follow when searching for hot local markets, hot counties, hot zip codes, or hot neighborhoods:

Do NOT to drill down to zip code level UNTIL you have evaluated and chosen a strong appreciating market at the metropolitan city level – because zip code “micro-markets” follow what’s happening in the overall city-level markets.

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