Hot Market Finder – Users Guide

The GOLD and PRO levels are where the full power of HousingAlerts gets unleashed.

At the Gold level, you enter the world of algorithmic hot and cold market filters. There’s millions of calculations going on behind the scenes, no human could come close to doing what the hot market finder does in a single click.You can now pinpoint and rank EVERY real estate market in the county,

Finding Hot Local and Micro Markets

When using the HousingAlerts system, here is the sequence to follow when searching for hot local markets, hot counties, hot zip codes, or hot neighborhoods:

Do NOT to drill down to zip code level UNTIL you have evaluated and chosen a strong appreciating market at the metropolitan city level – because zip code “micro-markets” follow what’s happening in the overall city-level markets.

Hot Market Finder – Information

We look at TWO broad categories (variables) to analyze a market:

a) Momentum (red, yellow, green STAR traffic signal icons)
b) Technical Score (TAPS slider balls)

These are both important and INDEPENDENT variables. They do not always agree/align.

So with that as background, the easiest way to begin analyzing markets is to use the Hot Market Finder (‘HMF’) tool.

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