Published May 22, 2018

New Micro Maps are now available for all Silver, Gold and PRO members!

We’re pre-releasing new Neighborhood (Census Tract), Zip Code and County level Micro Maps to you early.

These maps are so valuable, we didn’t want you to wait while we finish the development of our new (full screen) in-house mapping system and micro-scoring algorithms!

In exchange for this sneak peek, we ask that you:

1. Please be patient if you encounter slow map load speeds – a ton of data gets pulled from our servers every time a user drags the map, or changes the zoom levels.

2. Zoom in to read micro labels – some labels may be hard to read until you zoom-in.

We love member feedback! We encourage you to suggest new features, report bugs and provide feedback using the blue ‘feedback’ tool in the bottom left corner of the screen.

For more tips and info on upcoming features, please check out the Micro Maps User’s Guide.

Kindest regards,
Customer Support Manager

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