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There's no excuse for investing 'blindfolded' to the market!

HousingAlerts™ is the only real estate investing program on the planet that targets generational-wealth-building opportunities, providing investors with actionable decision triggers for almost 400 local housing markets (93% of all U.S. real estate).

The flagship Total Market Master™ service uncovers hot or emerging markets within a state, region or across the nation... and flags weak markets to avoid. Its sophisticated filters also enable strategy-specific searches, to identify markets best suited for particular investing techniques.

The new Local Market Master™ version provides the same revolutionary market analysis on a Single-City basis for just pennies per day! Local investors can now make more money, with less risk and effort, by tailoring their investing strategies and tactics to ma tch their local market's cycle.

Dynamic Real Estate Appreciation Map

Weather Map to every real estate market in the US!

Get the big national picture, or zoom in to your targeted regions. A bird's-eye view what's happening to markets all around you; sit back and watch time lapse 'photography' as markets heat up, cool down and start the cycle all over again.

Market Scoring Report
What you need to know, in one place.

The heart of the system; where it all comes together for you.

Interactive 'report' for each market includes the S.T.A.R. 'Traffic Light' System so you can instantly read your market, in full color. It's so fast and easy to use, it's hard to believe it's also the most powerful real estate market analysis tool on the planet.. Believe it!

Custom Analysis
Unleash the power of HousingAlerts

Geeks Beware: This can be addictive.

Crank your analysis up a notch. This is where you get free range of our data-base to customize, analyze and compare all your markets - however you see fit!

Monthly Regional Analysis
The Macro Picture, Instantly

Stay one-step ahead with this early trend indicator!

Dead-accurate regional data on a monthly basis helps you spot the next emerging markets, and see advanced trend reversal signals. It's like your canary in the coal mines.

Local Markets Chart Analyzer
12-point analysis of your Local market(s)
Info Here
State Markets Chart Analyzer
10-point analysis of your State market(s)
Info Here
Regional Markets Chart Analyzer
8-point analysis of your Regional market(s)
Info Here
National Markets Chart Analyzer
5-point analysis of the National market
Info Here
Education & Tutorials
World-class training and free ongoing updates
Info Here
'Ask Ken'
Feedback link & email support on every page
Info Here
KnowledgeBase and Support System
Ever growing searchable library of answers
Info Here
Done-for-You System Updates & More
Monthly Regional & Quarterly Local market data
Info Here
Member's Only Affiliate Program
We'll pay you every month!
Info Here
Discounts on Additional Markets
at Guaranteed lowest price
Info Here
Six Trigger Alert Report
Strategy Based Market Finder
Info Here
Local Market Performance Score
Locate Emerging Markets Based on Past Performance
Info Here
Scan & Rank Local Markets
Quickly Summarize & Custom Rank Local Markets
Info Here
Screen for Hot/Cold Markets
Customizable Market Search Filter
Info Here
The Whole Truth
Honest, accurate advice from a master investor
Info Here

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Important Note:
All States are (currently) priced the same. Statewide plans are more economical than Single-City memberships when they contain four (4) or more markets.

States containing many cities/markets (CA, FL, PA, TX, GA, NY, NC, MI, WI, IN, OH, WA, IL, etc.) are a special 'bargain' as you get many markets for the same fixed price. Your monthly cost/market could be as low as $1.50, or about 75 cents/mo with annual plan.

Sparsely populated states with few distinct markets (AK, HI, ME, MT, ND, NE, NH, NV, OK, RI, SD, VT, etc.) are not recommended for Statewide plans. Consider the Single-City, Regional or National plans instead.

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