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Ken Wade Housing Alerts founder

An important message about real estate markets and COVID-19 from our Founder, Ken Wade…

Everyone seems to have a hunch, a prediction… a wild-ass guess really… on where the real estate markets are heading.

They are all WRONG!

There will not be a single impact (one way or the other) affecting ALL local markets the same. Just like the last time, some markets crashed, some flat-lined and some appreciated. For example, we’ve been warning about most California markets for a couple years. Nine (9) of the 29 major California markets EXITED their Wealth Phase last year, well before COVID-19 came along. Many more were likely to follow, even without a pandemic. Other major markets all across the country were emerging from a decade-long slumber. Every market is unique. But make no mistake… This coronavirus ‘thing’ is a big deal for anyone involved in real estate. Millions of property owners and investors IN THE WRONG MARKETS AT THE WRONG TIME run a legitimate risk of getting wiped-out (again). That’s why they call it a ‘CYCLE’ – it’s a pattern that repeats over time. This time a virus will get credit for being the catalyst. Last time it was lax lending getting blamed. The time before that it was tax law changes. There is ALWAYS some catalyst getting blamed, but the cycle goes much deeper than a single event. The effects are not the same nationwide. Not even close. I see a lot of chatter from so-called experts about the coming OPPORTUNITY.

Why isn’t anyone talking about the coming RISKS?

Yeah, sure … almost every market presents some opportunity at SOME point in the future, but WHEN? Just like most markets present huge RISKS at SOME point in the future, but WHEN?

For the last 15 years HousingAlerts has answered that question better than anyone on Planet Earth.

If you can’t (or don’t want to) invest a few dollars in market intelligence, preparing for what’s coming, you’re better off sitting on the sidelines and waiting this one out.

It’s better to miss an opportunity than to get wiped out.

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