Harvard MBA, CPA, $100 MM Self-Made Investor Presents:

The 500-Year-Old Real Estate Investing Strategy Invented By Ancient Japanese Rice Merchants That’s Making Some Wholesalers and Buy & Hold Investors Look Like Geniuses…

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THE RED, YELLOW, GREEN TRAFFIC LIGHT TOOL. Know more about your market’s momentum (cycle) than virtually any investor in your state. (Warning: Don’t invest in U.S. real estate…until this traffic light tool is showing you green lights for your chosen markets)
This is what you want to see:
High Momentum Market
This is NOT what you want to see:
Flat-Line or Crash & Burn Markets
THE ONLY REPORTS you need to master your markets quickly and easily
All it takes is a simple glance at your market(s) technical and momentum scores.
THE ULTIMATE HEAT MAPS. You can visually spot and track major real estate trends across the country…in just seconds
This one tool could make you (or save you) a fortune since
you’ll be the first to know the moment your market(s) change!
THE INTERACTIVE RANKING TABLE. Complete historical tracking of the best/worst performing states. We include this so you can prove for yourself the accuracy of our forward-looking models and algorithms!
You’ll never have to risk losing money on a bad market ever again!
DYNAMIC MAP TOOL. Create custom interactive maps-in-motion across our broad platform of proprietary market indicators, time periods and data-sets [coming soon!]

U.S. Real Estate Cycles
1990 – 2016

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