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Everywhere you turn, the media is telling us not to panic - while at the same time, screaming "we're all gonna die!" with headlines like these:

News article headline: Wells Fargo Freezes New HELOCs As Mortgage Market Sputters
Op/Ed Headline: Terrified Banks May Trigger an $11 Trillion U.S. Housing Market Crash
News article headline: The COVID-19 Rent Crisis Is Here

Look, I have nothing against panic, when other people are doing it. I've picked up some great deals that way. 😉

But is it time for Real Estate investors like you to panic?

Well, maybe... If only to awaken you from a buy-and-hold-forever, set-it-and-forget-it investing slumber.

Panic can be useful if it gets your head out of the sand.

The truth is, I don't know where you're invested, so I don't know if you should panic.

And unless you're a HousingAlerts.com subscriber, neither do you.

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Today, the only real estate investors who aren't in "panic mode" are those who know how real estate cycles work.

If your market is in a wealth phase, almost any RE investing tactic can work. Whether you're a flipper, a wholesaler, a buy-and-holder, or even a note or tax lien buyer.

And today, the only real estate investors who know for a fact they're in the right markets are HousingAlerts.com members.

The stakes are huge.

If you're in a hot, vibrant, emerging market, you can build generational wealth with almost any strategy.

If the market is flat-lining, you can force some appreciation if you don't mind having a job instead of building passive wealth.

If the market is falling... well, that's maybe when you could start panicking.

Some RE investors are going to lose everything if their money is in the wrong place.

I don't want you to be one of those people.

That's why—for only the third time in our history—we're having a sale.

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Only HousingAlerts.com can tell you if your market is in a wealth-building phase. Not a boast – it's what we do!

Only the top-secret AI at HousingAlerts.com can unleash the awesome power of Technical Analysis on your real estate investing decisions.

Technical Analysis is the same secret sauce every major investment bank and hedge fund uses to kill it on Wall Street.

Now TA is available to real estate investors willing to invest as little as $10 a month to become a Viking-level ransacker of your chosen real estate market (or markets).

If you've invested blindfolded up to now, HousingAlerts.com can be your map out of the minefield.

Grab this limited-time discount now, while you still can!

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To your success,

Ken Wade


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