Real Estate Success (or Failure) has NOTHING to do with YOU...

(The 'Market' Determines Winners & Losers)
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Learn How To Take The Mystery Out Of Your Real Estate Investing...

  • A clear and simple demonstration (with PROOF) of the TWO MOST POWERFUL principles in real estate investing: leverage and appreciation (ignore at your own peril)
  • How – unless you harness the power of AUTOMATIC appreciation – you'll only ever have a real estate JOB – not a true investment – (and how to avoid that)
  • How MARKET MOMENTUM is the true driver of appreciation (and depreciation) in EVERY local market – and how to TRACK IT!
  • How you can FINALLY stop chasing DEALS and start following MARKETS (97% of investors will never, ever get this, and that means it's your chance to WIN BIG...)
  • A super-simple RED, YELLOW, GREEN indicator system that can guide your decisions about where and when to invest (you've NEVER seen anything like this)
  • Examples from markets around the country so you can see these principles in action... (this isn't THEORY – it's DATA)
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"Over the Past 7 Years, Real Estate Investors Were Broadsided by the Market's Plummet and Unprepared for its Resurgence."
KEn Wade
Presented by Ken Wade, Harvard MBA, CPA, Investor
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