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Stop Investing Blindfolded

Risk You Can’t Afford…

Imagine piling your family into your car in the middle of a cold, dark, rainy night then speeding down a twisting mountain road, never turning on your headlights, or buckling their seat belts.

You’d NEVER consider doing that, not even for a second; it’d be irresponsible and just plain crazy.

So why would you take the equivalent risk with your financial well-being?

It’s true that real estate can make you very wealthy.

It can also bankrupt you in a heartbeat, just ask any of the millions of people who invested blindfolded to their local market and found themselves in foreclosure, bankruptcy or worse.

Turn on Your Headlights

Contrary to popular belief, real estate wealth (the kind you pass down to your children and grandchildren), comes from the ‘market’ not from your efforts, skill or technique.

Mostly, you’re just along for the ride. If you want to get in the driver’s seat, click here.

Take a look at this…

U.S. Overall Home Price Appreciation Cycles
1976 – 2018

A chart depicting the U.S. overall home price appreciation cycles from 1976 to 2018. Green equals Appreciation - Red equals Loss

 GREEN = Appreciation |  RED = Loss

This chart shows the overall U.S. home price appreciation or decline over the last 40 years.

Do you see a pattern?

If you were in the market when it was green, you made a killing. If you were in the market when it was red, you got killed.

Choosing the right market or adapting the right tactics for your local cycle is what determines your ultimate success or failure.

Traffic signal changing from red to yellow to green as an example when to invest in a local market

Thanks to a system first invented by ancient Japanese rice merchants over 500 years ago, coupled with recent technological advancements by Wall Street and Silicon Valley, investing in the right place at the right time is now as easy as reading a red, yellow or green traffic signal.

Markets Matter Most

What if I told you that creating real estate wealth has little or nothing to do with you, or your investing tactics and strategies?

Planning Matters

Until now, everyone focused on investing strategies, tactics and execution but ignored the main driver of success (or failure). They’ve ended up bankrupt, in foreclosure or just broke and underwater.

As they say…

It’s the Market, Stupid!

It makes no difference what types of properties you pursue; the same rules apply to both Commercial and Residential Real Estate.

No real estate investing style is immune from the market...
  • Wholesaling
  • Virtual Investing
  • REOs and Short Sales
  • Foreclosures and Pre-Foreclosures
  • Subject To & Mortgage Assignments
  • Tax Deeds & Liens
  • Lease Options
  • Probates
  • All Others

Every local market moves in cycles. Those cycles are where, when and why you make or lose money.

Investing blindfolded to your local market cycle is like trying to build your dream home on top of quicksand. Even if you have the best blueprints (strategy), the best materials (tactics) and the best builder (execution), your goal will never be realized because no matter how hard you work; the foundation (your market) was all wrong.

The good news is that real estate cycles are easy to master if you know how!

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