Price & Program Changes Coming...
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Eliminating the Bronze, Silver and Gold access levels.

Soon we will only offer our top-of-the-line PRO level. After testing the lower cost Bronze, Silver and Gold options for several years, nearly everyone ended up choosing the PRO level anyway.

Of course, we'll continue to service all membership levels for as long as you remain an active member, we just won't be offering them to new members.

If you want one of these lower cost options, please act now before we permanently remove them from the order page.

Contact Customer Support: Live Chat, Support Ticket, Call (800) 210-0667, or Email

Raising Prices Across the Board

We've only had two price increases in our 16 year history; the time has come for a third. We originally planned to do this a year ago, but when the pandemic hit, we thought it was better to wait.

Over the last few years we've quietly built an entirely new set of market analytics to help you better evaluate micro markets, better target your acquisition efforts and pinpoint the best and worst markets for virtually every type of investing strategy and tactics.

Before we start marketing these new tools (and higher prices) to new customers, we want to give YOU and all our email subscribers and visitors a chance to get in before the new prices go into effect!

If you've been thinking about joining us for the first time, or UPGRADING your current access levels or markets, now is the time to lock-in lower prices!

Current members who are happy with their access level and market selections can ignore this notice. We never increase subscription prices for active members; you are grandfathered-in at the old lower prices in effect at the time you joined.

Below is a short sampling of the top 4 programs we will continue to offer. You will still be able to choose from 1-3 Markets of each Market Type.

Market Type
Current Prices
New Prices
PRO – 1 City
Current Prices: $17.95/mo $97/yr
New Prices $29/mo $197/yr
PRO – 1 State
Current Prices: $39.95/mo $347/yr
New Prices $59/mo $399/yr
PRO – 1 Region
Current Prices: $79.95/mo $677/yr
New Prices $119/mo $797/yr
Current Prices: $277/mo $1995/yr
New Prices $297/mo $1995/yr

Contact Customer Support: Live Chat, Support Ticket, Call (800) 210-0667, or Email

Already a member?

If you’d like to UPGRADE your current subscription to our top-of-the-line “USA PRO” and/or take advantage of our special “Buy 2 years, get the 3rd year FREE” offer, just contact Customer Support: Live Chat, Support Ticket, Call (800) 210-0667, or Email

We will continue to offer the special promo (for USA Pro level only):

"Buy 2 Years, Get 3rd Year Free"

Many of our members have been with us for over a decade. (Once you take off the investing blindfold, it's hard to ever put it back on!)

If you know you'll never go back to investing the old way (ignorant of your market), we'd like to THANK YOU for your loyalty by giving you a free year when you prepay for the first two.

This special offer is currently available only for our Top Level - USA PRO.

Here's how it works:

NEW Members

The Annual USA PRO is currently $1,995/yr.(Saving you $5,982 vs monthly.)

When you purchase TWO years (at the current low prices) for $3,990 we'll throw in a 3rd year FREE!

On the order page, select " USA PRO" level then click the "Special Offer" option to lock-in the best deal!

Contact Customer Support: Live Chat, Support Ticket, Call (800) 210-0667, or Email


I'm already a member, will my subscription increase?


As has always been our practice, once you become a member your monthly or annual subscription will NEVER increase so long as you remain an active member. If you join or upgrade now, you’ll lock-in your subscription price (for as long as you remain an active member).

What markets and access levels are affected by this change and increase?

HousingAlerts will remain available for individual Cites, States, Regions or Nationwide (our “USA” package is the best, it covers ALL markets in the U.S.)

We will no longer offer different levels of access (Bronze, Silver, & Gold will be discontinued).

After speaking with our members, we found that almost everyone has requested an upgrade to the PRO level. The full power of the HousingAlerts system is now available to everyone!

Why are you raising prices?

Over the past few years, we found that most members upgrade to the PRO level. Because of this, we decided to simplify the system, giving you an quicker and easier overall experience.

We’ve also added several new tools, as well; and, more features are planned in the near future! Our team at HousingAlerts will continue to bring you the state-of-the-art tools you need for your investment decisions!

Moving forward, all New Members will have full PRO access at the City, State, Region or USA market level.

Can I JOIN or UPGRADE now and lock-in these programs/lower prices?


If you purchase or upgrade now, before the price increase, your recurring monthly or annual subscription price will be locked-in at today’s price. We’ll never increase your price for as long as your subscription remains active.

I'm currently a USA PRO member on the MONTHLY plan. Can I UPGRADE to the ANNUAL payment plan and lock in the additional savings?


The ANNUAL payment plan is always significantly more economical than the monthly payment plan. By UPGRADING now you’re guaranteed these lower rates for as long as your subscription remains active.

The MOST ECONOMICAL plan offered is hard to resist! “Buy 2 years, Get 3rd year FREE” plan. Purchase 2 years upfront and pay $3,990 ($1995 x 2) today – for 3 YEARS of access. This saves you $5,982 vs monthly and $1,995 vs annual.

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