Wealth Phases

Real Estate Investing Wealth Phases

What exactly is a Wealth Phase?

Simply put, Real Estate “Wealth Phases” are when you can make the most money with the least amount of effort, capital and risk.

Real Estate is Cyclical. All real estate prices rise and fall over time. These cycles occur at the LOCAL (city) level. EVERY local market is different.

List of 104 Declining Markets Qtr-Over-Qtr

Market Update-List of Markets with Declining Quarter-Over-Quarter Home Prices

26% Of US Housing Markets
Declined Qtr-Over-Qtr

Currently, 104 markets (26% of all U.S. real estate) experienced ‘real’ (inflation adjusted) declines compared to the prior Quarter.

In the previous quarter, 73 markets (18%) declined.

148 markets (37%) saw Q-O-Q declines in the year ago period. (Because of possible seasonal variations,

Big Movers Report

How to Locate Red Hot or Ice Cold Local Markets Using HousingAlerts Hot Market Finder & State Radar Tools

Every quarter we scan our Hot Market Finder and State Radar tools to see which markets are rising or falling the most.

This ‘Big Mover’ list often foretells major market changes.

Here’s what it looked like for the STATE level:

We compare the current Master Score “percentile”

[MAP] Ranked County Real Estate Markets

Our Newest Tools Can Rank Markets By 2 Year Relative Performance

Check out this new county-level real estate map for the entire U.S.

We’re now able to score micro markets (Counties, Zip Codes and Neighborhoods) and RANK them against all the other counties, zip codes and neighborhoods nationwide.

RED = the top 10% of all counties nationwide.
ORANGE = the 80 –

List of 61 Declining Markets Year-Over-Year

61 U.S. Markets Lost Value Year-Over-Year

Currently, 61 markets (15% of ALL U.S. real estate) experienced ‘real’ (inflation adjusted) declines over the last year.

In the previous quarter, 68 markets had annual home price declines (they didn’t even keep up with inflation).

(See the entire list of declining markets below.)

In addition to the list of declining cities below,

List of 146 Declining Markets Quarter-Over-Quarter

Market Update - List of Markets with Declining Quarter-Over-Quarter Home Prices 2018 Quarter 1

List of the 146 DECLINING
U.S. Real Estate Markets

Currently, 146 markets (36% of all U.S. real estate) experienced ‘real’ (inflation adjusted) declines over the last three months. In the previous quarter, 187 markets (46%) had Quarter-Over-Quarter declines.

‘Quarterly’ home price comparisons are more volatile than ‘Annual’ but also act as early indicators,

Hottest Zip Codes for Real Estate

How to Find the Hottest Micro Markets INSIDE the Hottest Macro Markets


We’re now able to filter through thousands of zip codes and rank them in a single click. It may be the most powerful tool we’ve created in the last 12 years.

All EXISTING Gold and PRO members will get this new zip code tool (at no extra charge) as soon as we finish development.

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