RE Market Trends – Kansas

Published June 28, 2020

Kansas Real Estate Market Trends & Forecast

In the past year, the Kansas real estate appreciated by 3.5%. The latest Kansas real estate market forecast is that the home prices will continue to increase by 3.9% – in the next twelve months. The latest real estate data from Zillow shows that the current median home value in Kansas is $160,180.

RE Market Trends – California

Published June 28, 2020

California Real Estate Market Trends & Forecast

The shutdown due to coronavirus pandemic had an impact on the California economy and the real estate sector well. Home sales dropped over the past couple of months but prices remain high. Southern California home sales fell 26.6% in April compared with a month earlier,

RE Market Trends – Alabama

Published May 26, 2020

Alabama Real Estate Market Trends & Forecast

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Over the last few years, the Alabama real estate market has essentially been in the same boat as other real estate markets across the country. After the housing market crash, Alabama started to see a high number of foreclosures and other distressed properties.

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