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Market Breadth Weakens Quarter-over-Quarter

Published March 15, 2018
Market Update - List of Cities with Declining Quarter-Over-Quarter Home Prices 2017 Quarter 4

List of the 187 DECLINING
U.S. Real Estate Markets

Currently, 187 markets (46% of all U.S. real estate) experienced ‘real’ (inflation adjusted) declines over the last three months. In the previous quarter, 148 markets (37%) had Q-O-Q declines.

(See the entire list of declining markets below.)

‘Quarterly’ home price comparisons are more volatile than ‘Annual’ but also act as early indicators,

Market Breadth Improves Year-over-Year

Published October 4, 2017
Inflation Adjasted Home Price Appreciation 2017 - Housing Alerts

62 U.S. Markets Lost Value Yr-over-Yr

Compared to last quarter, the total number of Year-over-Year declining markets has improved significantly!

Currently, 62 markets (15% of ALL U.S. real estate) experienced ‘real’ (inflation adjusted) declines over the last year.

Our last Y-O-Y report showed that 102 markets had ‘real’ home price declines (they didn’t even keep up with inflation).

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