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[MAP] Ranked County Real Estate Markets

Published July 17, 2018
Our Newest Tools Can Rank Markets By 2 Year Relative Performance

Check out this new county-level real estate map for the entire U.S.

We’re now able to score micro markets (Counties, Zip Codes and Neighborhoods) and RANK them against all the other counties, zip codes and neighborhoods nationwide.

RED = the top 10% of all counties nationwide.
ORANGE = the 80 –

Hottest Zip Codes for Real Estate

Published April 10, 2018
Housing Alerts Map Picture 2


We’re now able to filter through thousands of zip codes and rank them in a single click. It may be the most powerful tool we’ve created in the last 12 years.

All EXISTING PRO members get this new zip code tool (at no extra charge).

If you’re not already a member,

Market Breadth Getting Weaker

Published March 31, 2017
Market Update - List of Markets with Declining Year-Over-Year Home Prices 2016 Quarter 4

Half of all real estate
markets losing value Qtr-over-Qtr
Almost 1/5th of all markets losing value Yr-over-Yr

I just got back from a real estate mastermind conference; lots of very smart investors. NONE of them knew that nearly 1/5th of all major US real estate markets are now in decline.

They were blown away when I showed them the list (scroll down).

Total Market Master : Part 1

How to Profit by Investing in Other Real Estate Markets

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