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Big Movers Report

Published November 15, 2018
BIG Increase in Master Scores Form Last Team - Housing Alerts

Every quarter we scan our Hot Market Finder and State Radar tools to see which markets are rising or falling the most.

This ‘Big Mover’ list often foretells major market changes.

Here’s what it looked like for the STATE level:

We compare the current Master Score “percentile”

The 600 Lb. Gorilla Falls – Part 1

How a Successful Real Estate Guru Lost It All

600 Lb. Gorilla Loses His Shirt (And You and His Investing Students Will Too If You Miss This One Key)…
Part 1 of 2

Just take a good look around… many of the real estate gurus still espousing those old methods are losing properties and going out of business right and left.

(There is a way out,

The Vegas ‘Massive Money Secret’

How the Buy & Hold Strategy Didn't Work in Las Vegas, Nevada

Buffets, roulette wheels, buffets, magicians, more buffets. Ok, Las Vegas has a little something for everyone! But… maybe not for the real estate investor.

You probably know someone who has bought in Vegas or at least considered investing there, maybe even you have. Well, what you’re about to read is going to challenge how you view real estate investing,

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