The 600 Lb. Gorilla Falls — How A Simple Glimpse At THIS One Picture Could Have Saved Him His Shirt (And How It Can Save You Yours, Too!)

Part 2 of 2

Here he goes. The 600 lb. investing gorilla has made his ascent. And he is about to fall, big time. (Here is Part 1 in case you missed it.)

Now remember, this guy was for real. I live about 100 miles from Tampa and go there often for business. He was the 600 pound gorilla in that space for many years… saw it with my own eyes. He had ads everywhere you looked – TV, radio, bus stops – you name it.

We’re not talking about some newbie – this guy was the largest home flipper in Tampa for years – probably one of the biggest in the country.

Tampa Florida Real Time Wealth Building Phase Chart 1996-2016

It didn’t have to end that way for him! This chart shows plain as day Tampa’s wealth building phase coming to an end back in the 4th quarter of 2006. See it there? Where the arrows are pointing? It was clearly time to take action.

If he only knew to start exiting (or getting conservative) then, he could have avoided all the financial destruction and personal turmoil revealed in his email… wiping out what took many years of hard work to create.

We’ll talk more about the wealth building, transactional and avoidance phases of every local cycle a bit later. For now, just understand that things did not need to turn out so ugly for him, or you. This information was readily and easily available back then. In the few seconds it takes you to glance at this chart – you can change your life.

If you dig deep enough, you’ll find similar horror stories for every investing strategy

Remember the big craze over “Subject-To” investing a few years ago? …where you get the deed by promising to take over and PAY the seller’s existing mortgage?

Talk about being up the creek without a paddle. Besides being underwater, you’ve now got an angry 3rd party – the seller – suing you for breach of contract – or fraud. I don’t care how well you ‘papered’ the deal, it’s an ugly situation you could have easily avoided if you knew your local market cycles.

There is only One Way to know what the local market is doing and about to do. And the crazy thing is not only the Gurus but CNN and Alan Greenspan have it all wrong!

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