Impressive System and Service!

I called inquiring about your service in early May. I spoke to Leanne who was very pleasant and eager to help answer any questions I had. After speaking with Leanne, I signed up for a month. I was impressed with all the data and information available to me and I was even more impressed at how available Leanne was at answering my questions. I just paid for 3 years of service… and I have to say, Leanne was the reason I did so. She made me feel extremely comfortable knowing that this was going to be a long-term venture with your company.

I look forward to the upcoming data! Thank you.

Kareem N.
Priceless investing tool.

I have used housing alerts to help manage my small real estate company. Using the data helped me choose Nashville TN as a thriving market. I live in Phoenix, AZ. I select strategies based on realistic return on investment, how much work I will need to do and what I enjoy doing. I set up a team in Nashville and we have done four deals: three flips and a vacation rental property. The returns have been great. Everybody is a genius when the market is going up. HousingAlerts is data dependent. Now that Nashville is slowing down I used zip code data for Phoenix to find rental properties.

Got a couple of years of appreciation over 15% on top of the dead cat bounce off of the extreme crisis lows. This simply because housing alerts tells you how zip code is performing. That was hundreds of thousands of dollars in equity. Most investors had already sold with fat profits. I am still holding getting 10% per year in spite of gloom and doom forecasts. I just picked up house from a wholesaler with huge spread. Unfounded fear in the market driving people out when data shows healthy appreciation, just not a great as it was. Housing alerts helps me be the logical investor I am. I have built a $5 million net worth which is what is truly needed to have financial security. I take care of partially autistic child so the financial security helps deal with that. I have been able to select therapy based on effectiveness not just what insurance covers. He has improved tremendously which I doubt would have happened if he did not get tens of thousands of dollars of non-insured medical therapy. When I see him mainstreaming in school and excited about college when five years ago he was barely able to be in regular school I thank housing alerts for helping to make that possible.

Thanks to about 20 good deals I was able to spend several hours every day researching who and what would help him and it has worked for him that you might not even know he was ever diagnosed. That is the priceless contribution effective investing can make to you life. Before Housing Alerts I had made some poor choices, and with the good data sold out of non-appreciating areas and put money to work more profitably. Those dark days when I relied on news articles are fortunately behind me.

Mark G
Get the Intelligence You Need!

For me, the first win was in using HousingAlerts in my local Market to see whether a fix and flip was a good idea.

The big question was: should I sell my home and rent or should I sell my home and then flip a home?

Housing Alerts gave me the intelligence I needed to make that decision and it turned out to be a great decision.

The second win has been with real estate investors. I am a Realtor and like to have the best data that is available. That way, I am able to tell my clients which markets are the hottest and which are showing signs of changing.

This has helped me advise an important investor and add an additional investor. And I have no doubt it will continue to prove beneficial going forward with my own real estate investing. This HousingAlerts data and system is incredibly valuable to pick a winning market to invest in.

Thomas M
Must Have Tool For Investors!

HousingAlerts is a must have tool for investors. The program synthesizes an enormous amount of data and presents it in an easy to understand graphic format. I particularly like the by-zip-code appreciation rate information. It allows my company to strategically target our acquisition marketing dollars in support of our fix and flip business. The quality is equally matched by a knowledgeable and friendly support staff.

Richard Owens
Don’t Invest Blindfolded

I only wish I had access to your video training back in 2006 through 2008 before I invested blindfolded and lost all my 8 rentals, including my primary residence. I am excited to learn more of your system!

Ismael Viramontes
Unlike Anything Else!

Great tools unlike anything else. This lets you keep your finger on the pulse of your local market to determine its current health. Nice to have an early warning system.

Kenneth Meadows
Excellent Training For Beginners!

I believe this is the most important aspect and method of investing the smart and only way to maximize wealth building. As a beginner in the Real Estate business I look forward to many new doors opening and someday being financially stable… Thank you

Ernest Summer
Don’t Pass On This Opportunity

I’d like to say that this information and these tools are invaluable. As a Real Estate investor of 35 yrs. I can tell you first hand that my life would be remarkably different right now if I had these tools prior to the last 2 market crashes here in Florida. I spent most of my life building wealth in real estate only to be totally ruined, completely wiped out. The fact that I now have these tools and the amazing support of Ken’s staff, Leanne being who I’ve dealt with is absolute confirmation that my R.E. investing life will turn around!!! Kudos to his support staff for always being there.

Thomas Errico
Invaluable Program!

I began exploring REI mid-2016 and am now beginning to make offers on property I will flip. My second phase will be to create cash flow by keeping properties. That’s where your program becomes invaluable by knowing where to buy properties and when to move. Most all things change while most of us don’t. Thank you.

Kent Maerki
Terrific System

I really like the way the system can alert when to buy and when to sell to help increase my net worth. Thanks again for a great education. Using the green, yellow and red buttons helps for easily understanding strategies.

Dick Nolan
This is Eye Opening Content!

Knowing market phases in real time, local market indicators, total market master, will let a person make money in their own up market and when that goes, go on to another up market! Good job Ken!!!

Larry Hoover
Great Information

Wish I knew about this years ago. It’s very interesting an exciting to listen to someone who knows what they are talking about. Looking forward to joining the webinar.

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