The charts and indicators on this page represent the most currently available SUMMARY information for the USA and a sampling of select ‘Strong’ and ‘Weak’ States and Regions.

The market analysis tools you see here are known as “Technical Analysis” (or TA) Studies.

There are two ways to analyze any market: by its ‘Fundamental’ attributes or by its ‘Technical’ charts.

Until 2006 (when first became publicly available), the data and tools for implementing TA for LOCAL real estate markets simply did not exist.

Before TA (and real estate investors had to rely on old, outdated and inaccurate Fundamental Analysis (FA) because there was no alternative.

TA is visual, relying on Supply and Demand charts because these charts also track the most important and most elusive driver of future price trends: Market Psychology.

TA has become the dominant methodology for predicting stock, bond, commodity and currency market cycles worldwide and is used by ALL major investment banks and international trading desks as the underlying basis for TRILLIONS of dollars in DAILY investment transactions.

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