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Being in the right market at the right time is the difference between success and failure.



Danger! 97% of investors invest blindly.

Use a simple tool to beat them.


What if you could predict the next Real Estate cycle?

Imagine letting the market do all the work for you…


Presented by Ken Wade, Harvard MBA, CPA, Investor

Powerful strategies, clearly explained.

“Over the Past 10 Years, Real Estate Investors Were Broadsided by the Market’s Plummet and Unprepared for its Resurgence.”

The few who understood how to apply a little-known market analysis strategy predicted BOTH of these cycles… and made a stinking fortune while all others went bust.

See inside the system that predicted, on a local market-by-market basis, the exact start and the exact end of every major wealth-creating real estate cycle in the past 30 years.

On this training, you’ll learn…

  • How to target the best Zip Codes and NEIGHBORHOODS to save thousands a month off your lead acquisition costs.
  • How to locate, in a single click, the HOTTEST (and Weakest) micro markets nationwide, or within any City, County or Zip Code.
  • How to avoid wasting all your time, talent and capital in dead-end, weak and declining MICRO MARKETS.
  • A clear and simple demonstration (with PROOF) of the TWO MOST POWERFUL principles in real estate investing: leverage and appreciation (ignore at your own peril)
  • How – unless you harness the power of AUTOMATIC appreciation – you’ll only ever have a real estate JOB – not a true investment – (and how to avoid that)
  • How MARKET MOMENTUM is the true driver of appreciation (and depreciation) in EVERY local market – and how to TRACK IT!
  • A super-simple RED, YELLOW, GREEN indicator system that can guide your decisions about where and when to invest (you’ve NEVER seen anything like this)
  • Examples from markets around the country so you can see these principles in action… (this isn’t THEORY – it’s DATA)
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Unlike Anything Else!
Great tools unlike anything else. This lets you keep your finger on the pulse of your local market to determine its current health. Nice to have an early warning system.
~ Kenneth Meadows
Impressive Tools
Gentlemen; the finest presentation of R.E. Investment tools I’ve seen. And when you consider I go back to the days of Robert Allen, “Nothing Down” that’s saying something...
~ King _Tucson, AZ.
Highly Recommended Training!
Great information on real estate. I have learned so much from your wealth of knowledge. Looking forward to learning a lot from your webinars. Thanks for your being so liberal with well needed facts in real estate.
~ Wycliffe Reid
Thank You For This!
I just wanted to thank you for giving this information to so many people/investors. I am sure there are quite a few persons who will take your advice to heart! I am one of them for I cannot afford any more losses from any market!
~ Jo Ann Davis
Get the Intelligence You Need!
For me, the first win was in using HousingAlerts in my local Market to see whether a fix and flip was a good idea. The big question was: should I sell my home and rent or should I sell my home and then flip a home? Housing Alerts gave me the intelligence I needed to make that decision and it turned out to be a great decision. The second win has been with real estate investors. I am a Realtor and like to have the best data that is available. That way, I am able to tell my clients which markets are the hottest and which are showing signs of changing. This has helped me advise an important investor and add an additional investor. And I have no doubt it will continue to prove beneficial going forward with my own real estate investing. This Housing Alerts data and system is incredibly valuable to pick a winning market to invest in.
~ Thomas M
Don’t Invest Blindfolded
I only wish I had access to your video training back in 2006 through 2008 before I invested blindfolded and lost all my 8 rentals, including my primary residence. I am excited to learn more of your system!
~ Ismael Viramontes
Amazing Training – Thank You
I just wanted to say this is a great program you have created and I am glad to find this information before buying into all of those seminars. All those get rich seminars tell you the how to, but don’t tell you whether it is the right market to use their product. Thank you for these amazing videos.
~ Kyle
The RIGHT Path To Wealth!
I was one of those who has purchased countless real estate courses over the years - only to become more confused with each 'new' angle! Your examples of 'what to do, when' were so perfectly logical and simple to comprehend, I can't thank you enough!! You have just saved me lots of money and time by putting me on the RIGHT path to wealth!
~ Mary
Outstanding Training For Investors!
Ken: I really enjoyed the training. I have been looking for this kind of information for years. I have not been able to find anyone who teaches or understands the indicators that drive the market up or down. Most people know Real Estate is cyclical but have not found anyone teaching this kind of information. I am really grateful to you for making this available. I have been investing in real estate since 1974 and have been lucky to invest in markets that were appreciating.
~ John Holbrook
Impressive System and Service!
I called inquiring about your service in early May. I spoke to Leanne who was very pleasant and eager to help answer any questions I had. After speaking with Leanne, I signed up for a month. I was impressed with all the data and information available to me and I was even more impressed at how available Leanne was at answering my questions. I just paid for 3 years of service... and I have to say, Leanne was the reason I did so. She made me feel extremely comfortable knowing that this was going to be a long-term venture with your company. I look forward to the upcoming data! Thank you.
~ Kareem N.
I thank you for the knowledge your training has exposed me to. I feel that you have empowered me by putting real estate investing in proper perspective. I’m looking forward to using your program. Please keep me in the loop.
~ Cornell Thompson
Excellent Training For Beginners!
I believe this is the most important aspect and method of investing the smart and only way to maximize wealth building. As a beginner in the Real Estate business I look forward to many new doors opening and someday being financially stable... Thank you
~ Ernest Summer
This is Eye Opening Content!
Knowing market phases in real time, local market indicators, total market master, will let a person make money in their own up market and when that goes, go on to another up market! Good job Ken!!!
~ Larry Hoover
Every Investor Needs To See This!
I was involved with Housing Alerts when you first launched it several years ago. Since then I have been studying TA and I think you are right on. Being one of those investors who made a lot and lost more, I wish I had paid attention to this type of information versus working so hard and not seeing the forest because of the trees. Thank you for sharing your videos and insight for all of us to see.
~ Susan Kerr
Thanks For This Opportunity
Great info, can’t wait for the webinar. We are investors in Volusia county staying close to home but realize we need to grow. Always learning to become better at the game and look forward to your wisdom.
~ Don Jackson
Watched It Twice!!

Thanks. I have watched this twice to fully retain for better/future investing. Wish I had read this back in 2008 when I lost many hundred thousands.

~ Marcia
Glad I Found This Program
Thank you for this critical information. It is by far the most comprehensive information I have encountered. I would like to hear more from you. I find myself having to start all over again for my retirement years. I find myself hopeful once again.
~ Rebecca Sanchez
Don’t Pass On This Opportunity
I’d like to say that this information and these tools are invaluable. As a Real Estate investor of 35 yrs. I can tell you first hand that my life would be remarkably different right now if I had these tools prior to the last 2 market crashes here in Florida. I spent most of my life building wealth in real estate only to be totally ruined, completely wiped out. The fact that I now have these tools and the amazing support of Ken’s staff, Leanne being who I’ve dealt with is absolute confirmation that my R.E. investing life will turn around!!! Kudos to his support staff for always being there.
~ Thomas Errico
Exceptional Wake Up Call
Absolutely necessary food for thought if you are a serious investor. This wakeup call is exceptional. Thank you!
~ Bill Elliott
Love It!
Best real estate training I’ve ever seen, and I have paid for a lot of expensive work-shops and webinar training.
~ Lorenzo Castano
Captivating System
Fresh and fascinating twist to a discredited real estate market. It’s clear that this analytical but instinctively straight forward approach debunks the traditional mumbo/jumbo we’ve been sold on.
~ Clive L. Williams
Great Information
Wish I knew about this years ago. It’s very interesting an exciting to listen to someone who knows what they are talking about. Looking forward to joining the webinar.
~ Jean
Candid & Insightful
Thank you Mr. Wade for the very straight-forward real estate webinar... which saved me many days of wasted dead-market investments.
~ Kelly
The Real Deal
Thanks for yet another straight forward video. No fluff and not too repetitious. I too am in my 50s and need accurate info quick. I am done playing with the knee jerkers, the one shot wonders and flavor of the month gurus. You are the real deal. Keep it up.
~ Pete
Great Investing Advice!
This is great information. I am an Investment Real Estate Agent in Virginia and I have taught many investors how to make money from buying and selling properties. This is great advice. I am glad someone is talking a different tune and not just selling the CD’s etc. Good advice is hard to get… listen up as this is important information.
~ Jan Boyer
Terrific System
I really like the way the system can alert when to buy and when to sell to help increase my net worth. Thanks again for a great education. Using the green, yellow and red buttons helps for easily understanding strategies.
~ Dick Nolan
Invaluable Program!
I began exploring REI mid-2016 and am now beginning to make offers on property I will flip. My second phase will be to create cash flow by keeping properties. That’s where your program becomes invaluable by knowing where to buy properties and when to move. Most all things change while most of us don’t. Thank you.
~ Kent Maerki
Exactly What I Needed!
You have given us a gem and I now have in my hands the key to action. I have less of the fears as a new investor and have more confidence as a seasoned investor with this system.
~ Geral Lopez
Exciting & Revealing Program!
I’ve worked in the real estate industry for 30 years, basically a transactional broker, this program is exciting and reinforces my beliefs regarding real estate investing. The videos also break some long-standing investing rules which, frankly, needed to be broken. Good stuff. Thanks!
~ Dennis Erickson
No More Guesswork!
This scientific approach takes the guesswork out of real estate investing. It inspires confidence to take action – when to get in, and when to get out without any sweating.
~ Derrick Martin
Superb Content!
This is superb content, and it will definitely help me in my REI pursuits in my markets.
~ Terry
Perfect for Local Markets!
I am a Realtor Investor. Thank you for providing this useful information. It makes sense. I will definitely use the information in my REI pursuits in my market here in Southern California.
~ Sabrina
A Game Changer
Very educational and it’s easy to see that you know what you’re talking about. Like you said the Guru’s only care about selling products. This is a game changer and I most definitely want in.
~ Thomas Parker Gist
Must Have Tool For Investors!
HousingAlerts is a must have tool for investors. The program synthesizes an enormous amount of data and presents it in an easy to understand graphic format. I particularly like the by-zip-code appreciation rate information. It allows my company to strategically target our acquisition marketing dollars in support of our fix and flip business. The quality is equally matched by a knowledgeable and friendly support staff.
~ Richard Owens
Priceless investing tool.
I have used housing alerts to help manage my small real estate company. Using the data helped me choose Nashville TN as a thriving market. I live in Phoenix, AZ. I select strategies based on realistic return on investment, how much work I will need to do and what I enjoy doing. I set up a team in Nashville and we have done four deals: three flips and a vacation rental property. The returns have been great. Everybody is a genius when the market is going up. HousingAlerts is data dependent. Now that Nashville is slowing down I used zip code data for Phoenix to find rental properties. Thanks to about 20 good deals I was able to spend several hours every day researching who and what would help him and it has worked for him that you might not even know he was ever diagnosed. That is the priceless contribution effective investing can make to you life. Before Housing Alerts I had made some poor choices, and with the good data sold out of non-appreciating areas and put money to work more profitably. Those dark days when I relied on news articles are fortunately behind me.
~ Mark G
Great Tools For Investors!
What great info. The tools in this program are sure to make anyone who can see colors or follow arrows, a successful investor. I’m looking forward to the updated and new tools.
~ Andy Sager

RECAP: What You’ll Get on this FREE Training

Key #1

Every single real estate market is driven by Market Psychology… which can now be tracked, mapped and predicted in the form of LOCAL MOMENTUM.

Key #2

The way to quickly build equity in real estate is to harness the dynamic power of AUTOMATIC appreciation. (But do this wrong and risk losing everything.)

Key #3

YOUR success as an investor depends on your ability to predict where the markets are going and act accordingly… (imagine if you had known what was coming back in 2008… or 2014…)
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