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How to Find the Best Cash Flow + Appreciation + Wholesaling Micro Markets

If you’ve done much marketing for real estate ‘Motivated Seller’ leads you’re probably  familiar with “List Stacking.”

I did my first List Stacking over 30 years ago by combining delinquent property tax lists with  out of state and vacant landowners of 50 acres or more.  I used the same stacking strategy going from county to county and state to state.

Know what’s coming in YOUR local market.

The most accurate local real estate market prediction system on planet Earth just got 10x better (Proof Below).

Don’t invest blindfolded…

Save thousands of dollars in marketing each month while reducing your time, effort, capital, risk and frustration by targeting “tomorrow’s” hottest markets TODAY!

No matter what the world threw at it,

Inspiring, Heartwarming Case Study

Here's a real life case study to keep you inspired and motivated.

As a numbers guy, it takes a lot to get me choked up. Let's just say there was a lot of dust in the air when I read this email from one of our long-time members,  Mark Grange.

After joining in 2012,

Coronavirus and Real Estate Markets

Published April 28, 2020
We're In This Together

Everyone seems to have a hunch, a prediction… a wild-ass guess really… on where the real estate markets are heading.

They are all WRONG!

There will not be a single impact (one way or the other) affecting ALL local markets the same.

Just like the last time, some markets crashed, some flat-lined and some appreciated.

Wealth Phases

San Diego Weakth Phases - Housing Alerts

What exactly is a Wealth Phase?

Simply put, Real Estate “Wealth Phases” are when you can make the most money with the least amount of effort, capital and risk.

Real Estate is Cyclical. All real estate prices rise and fall over time. These cycles occur at the LOCAL (city) level. EVERY local market is different.

Technical Analysis (‘TA’) – the Basics

Technical Analysis Real Estate Investing

There are two ways to analyze any market; by its ‘Fundamental’ attributes or by its ‘Technical’ charts.

With the advent of personal computing and the internet, TA has become the dominant methodology for predicting stock, bond, commodity and currency market cycles worldwide.

TA is used by ALL major investment banks and international trading desks as the underlying basis for TRILLIONS of dollars in DAILY investment transactions.

Real Estate Cycle Charts – the Basics

Real Estate Cycle Annual Appreciation Charts

Charts showing the annual appreciation or decline in real estate values over time are visual snapshots of Supply & Demand forces in action. Technical Analysis (TA) relies on these charts because they accurately reflect what ACTUALLY happened.

ANY and ALL Fundamental factors that can and did influence real estate values in THAT market,

STAR Indicators – the Basics

Real Estate Investing Trends

The STAR momentum indicators show the ‘energy’ behind any market. For a sustained up-cycle, it MUST be supported by momentum. Market Psychology influences momentum but is not the only driver.

The first step in locating investment candidates is evaluating the STAR indicators. Each of the six ‘triggers’ represent a distinct Technical Analysis (TA) ‘event.’

The left-most columns are Short-Term triggers and carry far less significance than the Long-Term indicators on the right.

TAPS Indicators – the Basics

Local Real Estate

The TAPS (Technical Analysis Point Score) indicator is an easy to understand, graphical way to show the results of complex Technical Analysis (TA) ‘Studies.’

The simple ‘slider ball’ can move a total of five notches starting from far left (Weak) to far right (Strong).

If the ball position has moved since the prior period,

Stop Investing Blindfolded

Real Estate Investing Wealth

Risks You Can’t Afford…

Imagine piling your family into your car in the middle of a cold, dark, rainy night then speeding down a twisting mountain road, never turning on your headlights, or buckling their seat belts.

You’d NEVER consider doing that, not even for a second; it’d be irresponsible and just plain crazy.

Technical vs. Fundamental

Why Technical Analysis is the Only Technique You Should Apply in Real Estate Investing

Ever since there’ve been markets and cycles, investors have been trying to predict what’s going to happen next. You can reap huge rewards if you get that one piece of information correct.

Trillions of dollars and billions of man-hours have been spent over the last 100 years trying to figure out how to best predict market cycles.

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