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No matter what the world threw at it, our algorithms predicted the wild boom/bust cycle of the last three years for virtually EVERY METROPOLITAN REAL ESTATE MARKET in the United States.

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Sound impossible?

Here’s some PROOF!


Market Outlook Predictor
2016 to 2023

This chart shows what you would have seen in May 2021 with no knowledge of the future except for our market predictor (the orange line) telling you A YEAR IN ADVANCE that Houston was ready to appreciate wildly.

Houston Chart 01

1 As early as June 2020 – when the world was shutting down over Covid and real estate markets were in shock, our “Market Outlook” predictor (orange line) shot up higher than it had ever been.

2 Houston’s actual Home Price Appreciation (the blue line) remained flat for most of the next year leaving everyone else completely unaware of the coming opportunity.

3 For an entire year, while our system was indicating a strong market ahead, you could have been using this indicator to target better ROI opportunities with less risk, effort and capital.

Houston Chart 01

A The orange predictor line, with its strong upward slope and scores in the green zone preceded the huge jump in Home Price Appreciation a FULL YEAR BEFORE IT HAPPENED.

B The orange predictor line’s slope went negative with lower scores in the summer of 2021. The blue Home Price Appreciation line started a similar ‘topping’ pattern 9 MONTHS LATER.

C The falling appreciation rates anticipated by the orange line were largely mirrored by the actual HPA blue line with a six-month time lag for much of 2022 and 2023.

D The orange indicator levelled off in 2023 with scores in the 40 to 50 zone, which generally indicates a good degree of market stability in the months ahead.

Precision Market Tools

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More Proof:

Camden, NJ

Market Outlook Predictor
2016 to 2023

Camden Chart 01

Cape Coral, FL

Market Outlook Predictor
2016 to 2023

Cape Coral Chart 01

Nashville, TN

Market Outlook Predictor
2016 to 2023

Nashville Chart 01

Phoenix, AZ

Market Outlook Predictor
2016 to 2023

Phoenix Chart 01

Memphis, TN

Market Outlook Predictor
2016 to 2023

Memphis Chart 01

Jacksonville, FL

Market Outlook Predictor
2016 to 2023

Jacksonville Chart 01

Cleveland, OH

Market Outlook Predictor
2016 to 2023

Cleveland Chart 01

Little Rock, AK

Market Outlook Predictor
2016 to 2023

Little Rock Chart 01

Austin, TX

Market Outlook Predictor
2016 to 2023

Austin Chart 01

Chattanooga, TN

Market Outlook Predictor
2016 to 2023

Chattanooga Chart 01

Miami, FL

Market Outlook Predictor
2016 to 2023

Miami Chart 01

Virginia Beach, NC

Market Outlook Predictor
2016 to 2023

Virginia Beach Chart 01

You get the idea…

We have THOUSANDS of other examples, down to the county and zip code levels.

Would you have done things differently if YOU had advanced notice about YOUR market?

Would a year’s head-start (before it’s evident to others) provide a big competitive advantage for you, and significantly improve your risk management?

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Precision Market Tools



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