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Big Movers Report

Published November 15, 2018
BIG Increase in Master Scores Form Last Team - Housing Alerts

Every quarter we scan our Hot Market Finder and State Radar tools to see which markets are rising or falling the most.

This ‘Big Mover’ list often foretells major market changes.

Here’s what it looked like for the STATE level:

We compare the current Master Score “percentile”

Forced Appreciation: The Nasty Truth The Gurus Never Told You

Automatic and Forced Appreciation in Real Estate

It’s The Exact Opposite of How You Build Lasting Wealth

All appreciation is NOT the same. And it’s not all equal, despite the way everyone from the experts to the financial news guys throw around the term. The truth is, when it comes to real estate, there are two types of appreciation:

Forced and Automatic.

Total Market Master : Part 2

How to Go From Hot Market to Hot Market Exploding Profits

As “total market masters”, you’re no longer limited to only your local area. You can now invest anywhere in the country where your money will grow.

Wealth vs. Income

Using Leverage & Appreciation When Investing in Real Estate

Automatic appreciation can be combined with forced appreciation strategies. It works! It’s a lower risk because hot markets are very forgiving!

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