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Part 3 of 3

I am going to jump in right from where we left off. In case you missed it, you will want to read the first two parts of this illustration – Total Market Master: Part 1

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Remember… we’re still in the same period that we used when we were looking at our single city examples… investing only locally. Can you see the difference when you leverage ALL of the markets available as a “Total Market Master” (TMM)?

So, here you are now, with over $12.5 M to invest… What do you think we do next?

Become a Total Market Master - Live Where You Want... Invest Where Its Best Odessa Texas

Yep, look for the next hot market.

Let’s get out your Custom Charts and Graphs Tool – another powerful module inside your membership portal, and after doing 15 minutes of research you find Odessa, TX in 2005.

Become a Total Market Master - Live Where You Want... Invest Where Its Best Odessa Texas Housing Alerts Strategy

You invest your $12.5 million in Odessa and get the signal to sell in 2009.

I’ll show you exactly how to know when to sell.

How much Automatic Appreciation did Odessa, TX GIVE us?

How about over $24.1 million! In PROFIT!


That’s the beauty of real estate – if you combine AUTOMATIC appreciation with leverage – it doesn’t take long to double or triple your investment!

Remember our leverage example earlier? 10% appreciation and a 10:1 leverage ratio double are your equity each year.

We’re keeping it real simple here – using the FAR-GAP-HAM system – Find an Average Realtor, Get an Average Property, in a Hot Appreciating Market. All our example does is isolate the “automatic” appreciation each market gives you – just for being there.

We ignore forced appreciation and value-added strategies completely.

In hot markets, you can get much more aggressive than our simple example here; even do no-money-down deals and control multiple properties. Appreciation is the sweet sauce that makes everything else work. There’s no limit what you can achieve.

Now, all together, you’ve made over $36.7 M so far.

Become a Total Market Master - Live Where You Want... Invest Where Its Best Reno Nevada

Become a Total Market Master - Live Where You Want... Invest Where Its Best Reno Nevada Housing Alerts Strategy

In 2013, when people were bemoaning the demise of any good real estate deals, you sifted through the US markets with your Market Scanner tool and found Reno, NV, of all places. You invested your $36.7 million and sold after three years, in 2016. Reno gave you another $101.3 million in easy profits.

As a Total Market Master, you’ve now made $138,085,415 – compared to the $25,225 you did as an “average” investor, oblivious to individual market cycles.

That’s a 690 THOUSAND PERCENT ROI… compared to a 126% ROI.

Did I say that right … a 690 THOUSAND PERCENT ROI? Yep – turning 20k into 138 million will do that for you.

Become a Total Market Master - Live Where You Want...Profit and Hold Strategy

Become a Total Market Master - Live Where You Want...Housing Alerts Strategy

That’s an EXTRA 138 MILLION from investing smarter, letting Automatic Appreciation do all your heavy lifting.

Under the old way of doing things, you earned $1.25 cents for each dollar you invested.

Under this FAR-GAP-HAM example, you earned about SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS for each dollar invested.

With FAR-GAP-HAM you didn’t use any special real estate skills or tactics.

No Mailers. No Bandit Signs.

You didn’t send out thousands of mailers to distressed homeowners, knock on doors or post bandit signs all over the neighborhood.

No Advertising.
No Lead Generation Management.

You didn’t post to craigslist or run expensive ads or create and maintain any buyer or seller websites to generate and manage your leads.

No Bird Dogs or Negotiators.
No Virtual Assistants.

You didn’t hire and train any bird dogs, short sale negotiators or virtual assistants.

No Dead-End Paths.
No Jerked Around.
No Legal Violations.

You didn’t go down endless dead-end paths being jerked around by buyers, sellers and banks or risk violating all the new foreclosure protection laws.

No Complexity.
No Wasted Effort.

There weren’t any A-to-B and B-to-C closings you had to orchestrate, no complex, stressful financing to arrange, and no working like a dog jumping through hoops for months, only to find out months later it was all wasted effort.

In fact, you didn’t invest much of your own time at all… you simply

Found an Average Realtor,
Got an Average Property in a
Hot Appreciating Market

You only had to get ONE thing right – the HAM.

And we’ve done that for you.

ONE small, simple change can take you from $25 thousand to $138 MILLION.

From a 126% R.O.I.

…to a 690,327% R.O.I.

Sound too good to be true?

When you boil it all down,

…all we’re doing is avoiding the times where you give all your profit back, and replacing it with leveraged returns from being in an appreciating market.

Remember, we paid full price, added no value and used none of the great Forced Appreciation and no-money-down strategies you could certainly use. You can estimate for yourself how much better your results would be if you bought properties at a discount, or put less money in the deal than we did, or even started off with more properties.

You can do everything right year after year, but in this volatile market – it only takes one mistake to wipe-out a lifetime of success.

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Last update of the article: 03/30/2020.



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