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List of 72 Declining Markets Year-Over-Year

Published September 18, 2018
Market Update -Year-Over-Year 2018 Quarter 2

72 U.S. Markets Lost Value Year-Over-Year

Currently, 72 markets (18% of ALL U.S. real estate) experienced ‘real’ (inflation adjusted) declines over the last year.

In the previous quarter, 61 markets had annual home price declines (they didn’t even keep up with inflation).

(See the entire list of declining markets below.)

In addition to the list of declining cities below,

Leverage: The Power To Make You Millions Or Make You Broke! Part 1

How Generational Wealth is Created Compounding Appreciation Coupled with Leverage

Making money in real estate boils down to these three simple factors…

1) Leverage
2) Appreciation
3) Timing

Leverage & Appreciation are the cornerstones of all real estate wealth.
Timing is the variable that determines if you win, or if you lose.

Let’s look at Leverage…

Just about anyone can control a property with a relatively small amount of cash… or sometimes no cash at all… THAT’s WHY real estate investing makes such good late night infomercials… because any fool can sign on the dotted line and take control.

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