You may know a bit about me and my history. Yes, I am a proud Harvard man. As proud as I am of my education though, my Harvard MBA didn’t help me much in learning how to predict real estate markets. However, I did learn a priceless lesson I think you need to hear about cut-throat competition. It was my first exposure to the world of “tire biters.”

“Tire Biter”

Tire biter chasing real estate profits

You know what a tire biter is, right? (I can also show you on the latest Real Estate Market Report here)… Do you know how some dogs, the aggressive ones, chase cars down the road?

Can you imagine what that dog must be thinking, all 40 or 50 pounds running full-out chasing a 3,000-pound hulk of steel at 30 miles an hour… how full of himself he must be?

Well, a tire biter doesn’t stop at just chasing the car, he actually catches it … and THEN … he bites onto the tire and won’t let go…

Well, as you’d expect, there were a lot of tire biters at Harvard – the Business School anyway. It’s pretty competitive, and it was a great experience – but not because of the academic stuff.

Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School

When I first got there, I was afraid to open my mouth for fear of sounding stupid. I mean, I had plenty of accomplishments; I wasn’t a slouch. But I always thought there was a separate ‘breed’ of people, who were so smart, so successful, they were in a different league than me, that they were just ‘better’ than us ‘common’ folks.

Well, it didn’t take long to realize how stupid that idea was!

I’d been carrying around that limiting belief – that I wasn’t good enough – basically all my life. It was ridiculous – and it limited my success. Harvard taught me that NO ONE has a monopoly on brainpower, no one is ‘better’ than you… Here I was among supposedly the ‘best and brightest’ and we all sucked at some things and were good at others.

That was the million-dollar lesson I got from Harvard.

If we have time in the end, I’ll share my ‘overgrown forehead theory’ with you… but the short version is no one needs a Harvard MBA to succeed – you just need to have the CONFIDENCE in yourself.

Success – ANY success – is almost entirely about how you position yourself in your own eyes – that’s what matters most. What YOU think about YOU.

I spent two years and a lot of money “buying” that self-confidence… you can choose to claim that about yourself right now, in the blink of an eye. It’s all in your head. If you believe you can do it – you CAN!

Real estate is NOT rocket science.

It’s about leveraging high-value assets and compounding the appreciation. That is IT.

Don’t make it harder than it is. You don’t need a huge library of self-help stuff – you just need to DO IT – in the right place, and at the right time.

…and success is definitely not about being a tire biter… just the opposite – it’s about giving. The more you give, the more you’ll get.

Are you tired of being a Tire Biter? Tired of feeling like you’re constantly chasing and fighting for a few scraps of cash?

That can all end today. Check out my latest report and I will personally show you exactly how.

Last update of the article: 03/26/2020.



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