I have used housing alerts to help manage my small real estate company. Using the data helped me choose Nashville TN as a thriving market. I live in Phoenix, AZ. I select strategies based on realistic return on investment, how much work I will need to do and what I enjoy doing. I set up a team in Nashville and we have done four deals: three flips and a vacation rental property. The returns have been great. Everybody is a genius when the market is going up. HousingAlerts is data dependent. Now that Nashville is slowing down I used zip code data for Phoenix to find rental properties.

Got a couple of years of appreciation over 15% on top of the dead cat bounce off of the extreme crisis lows. This simply because housing alerts tells you how zip code is performing. That was hundreds of thousands of dollars in equity. Most investors had already sold with fat profits. I am still holding getting 10% per year in spite of gloom and doom forecasts. I just picked up house from a wholesaler with huge spread. Unfounded fear in the market driving people out when data shows healthy appreciation, just not a great as it was. Housing alerts helps me be the logical investor I am. I have built a $5 million net worth which is what is truly needed to have financial security. I take care of partially autistic child so the financial security helps deal with that. I have been able to select therapy based on effectiveness not just what insurance covers. He has improved tremendously which I doubt would have happened if he did not get tens of thousands of dollars of non-insured medical therapy. When I see him mainstreaming in school and excited about college when five years ago he was barely able to be in regular school I thank housing alerts for helping to make that possible.

Thanks to about 20 good deals I was able to spend several hours every day researching who and what would help him and it has worked for him that you might not even know he was ever diagnosed. That is the priceless contribution effective investing can make to you life. Before Housing Alerts I had made some poor choices, and with the good data sold out of non-appreciating areas and put money to work more profitably. Those dark days when I relied on news articles are fortunately behind me.

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