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Finding Cash Flow Properties in HOT Markets

Published May 22, 2019
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Our new Cash Flow Finder tool is the only place on Planet Earth where a real estate investor can:
Instantly locate the best (and worst) markets for high cash flow properties. It gets even better…

Not only can you now list and rank, from BEST to WORST, every micro-market in the U.S. based on its likelihood to generate positive cash flow, you can ALSO instantly locate the rarest of all opportunities…

Best & Worst Counties – U.S. Map

Published May 15, 2019
Feature Images Best Worst Counties

For the last 18 months we’ve been locked-away in our lab developing FOUR game-changing new tools: Micro Market Ranking tool, House Value Finder, Cash Flow Finder, Rent Growth Tracker

I believe we’re the only ones on Planet Earth to offer Property Value, Cash Flow and Rent Growth market analysis tools, and we overlay those findings with EACH micro market’s local real estate cycle.

What’s the WORST State for Creating Real Estate Wealth?

Published May 7, 2019
State Market Radar

In our last blog post titled “The HOTTEST State for Real Estate”, we identify one state that is red-hot for investing right now.

In this article however, we’ll take a look at the WORST state for building real estate wealth. Its indicators show almost the polar opposite of the hottest state.

To find the weakest states,

What’s the HOTTEST State for Real Estate?

Published April 24, 2019
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There’s one state that’s crushing most of the other states in the country, with 85% of it’s real estate markets being in the top 7 percentile of ALL US markets, and 100% of it’s markets remain HOT.

It’s a state you wouldn’t normally think of, but clearly there’s something going on here that you should take a deeper look at.

List of 57 Declining Markets Year-Over-Year

Published April 13, 2019
Market Update - List of Markets with Declining Year-Over-Year Home Prices

57 U.S. Markets Lost Value Year-Over-Year

Currently, 57 markets (14% of ALL U.S. real estate) experienced ‘real’ (inflation adjusted) declines in property values over the last year.

In the previous quarter, 58 markets had annual home price declines

(See the entire list of declining markets below.)

In addition to the list of declining cities below,

List of 189 Declining Markets Qtr-Over-Qtr

Published April 1, 2019
Advance Dedline

47% Of US Housing Markets
Declined Qtr-Over-Qtr

Currently, 189 markets (47% of all U.S. real estate) experienced ‘real’ (inflation adjusted) declines in property values compared to the prior Quarter.

For the same period last year 187 markets (46%) saw Q-O-Q declines. While the ‘total’ number of declining markets are roughly the same,

How to Find Cheap Houses In Hot Markets

Published March 25, 2019
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A 14 Year Argument Leads To The Creation Of A
Brand New Real Estate Investment Tool

It’s a simple point I’ve been making for years:

Targeting homes in low-cost markets doesn’t make you wealthy… the health of the market that you target is what makes you wealthy.

Lower-cost homes are low-cost for a reason…

Wealth Phases

San Diego Weakth Phases - Housing Alerts

What exactly is a Wealth Phase?

Simply put, Real Estate “Wealth Phases” are when you can make the most money with the least amount of effort, capital and risk.

Real Estate is Cyclical. All real estate prices rise and fall over time. These cycles occur at the LOCAL (city) level. EVERY local market is different.

List of 104 Declining Markets Qtr-Over-Qtr

Published December 14, 2018
Market Update-List of Markets with Declining Quarter-Over-Quarter Home Prices

26% Of US Housing Markets
Declined Qtr-Over-Qtr

Currently, 104 markets (26% of all U.S. real estate) experienced ‘real’ (inflation adjusted) declines compared to the prior Quarter.

In the previous quarter, 73 markets (18%) declined.

148 markets (37%) saw Q-O-Q declines in the year ago period. (Because of possible seasonal variations,

Big Movers Report

Published November 15, 2018
BIG Increase in Master Scores Form Last Team - Housing Alerts

Every quarter we scan our Hot Market Finder and State Radar tools to see which markets are rising or falling the most.

This ‘Big Mover’ list often foretells major market changes.

Here’s what it looked like for the STATE level:

We compare the current Master Score “percentile”

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