Published June 26, 2019
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Top 10 States with Cheap Houses

Markets with the lowest priced properties are (almost) always the crummiest markets because they lack appreciation.

Makes sense, right?

If they were in hot, appreciating markets they wouldn't be the cheapest for long!

Here's a list of the top 10 STATES, ranked by median house price.

Puerto Rico tops the list; its median home price is just $109,800. West Virginia is next at $119,800 followed by Mississippi at $120,200.

Top 10 States with Cheap Houses

What else do the Puerto Rico, West Virginia and Mississippi real estate markets have in common?

The lowest-priced houses are
in the worst real estate markets.

Check out the column outlined in black below; you'll see that all but ONE of those 10 low-priced real estate markets also have low "Hot Market Scores."

Top 10 States with Cheap Houses

The "Hot Market Score" is our time-tested, proven indicator for predicting real estate activity and appreciation. Every market is analyzed and given a percentile score ranging from '0' to '99' (0 is the weakest; 99 the strongest).

The colors correspond to the score itself:

Top 10 States with Cheap Houses
Green is good (strong)
Yellow is mediocre
Red is bad (weak)

Many real estate investors are more comfortable buying in low priced markets, but investing in crummy markets is the quickest way to work yourself to death and go broke.

Without appreciation, you'll never create massive wealth from real estate.

It's pretty easy to prove, both historically and mathematically, it's THE MARKET - (specifically, Leveraged Appreciation, NOT cash flow) - that creates virtually all real estate wealth (see the free training here).

So what's the solution?

Are there any low-priced real estate markets in strong, appreciating markets?


They're typically markets that fell by the wayside (in terms of rising real estate values) for the last couple decades, but, for a variety of reasons, are just now heating up.

They're almost impossible to find without the right tools, but the payoff is so huge, it's worth the effort. Home values in these long-forgotten markets tend to catch-up quickly once they become known;

Investors can create a lifetime
of wealth in short order.

In fact, one of those low-priced, fast-appreciating markets was under your nose this whole time!

Indiana !!!

Top 10 States with Cheap Houses

See how Indiana is the only state (out of the 10 lowest priced) that also has a GREEN Hot Market Score?

And there you have it!

Finding HOT markets with CHEAP real estate is THAT easy, when you have the right tools.

...and BTW, HousingAlerts is the ONLY place on Planet Earth with these tools. :-)

This tool is (currently) included at no additional cost with every  PRO account.

Important Caveat: The state of Indiana has a lot of hot, emerging, low-priced micro markets right now. It also has plenty of weak, crummy micro markets that you do NOT want to invest in.

Every sub-market is unique and has its own real estate cycle. You can't just throw a dart at a map of Indiana and start investing anywhere in the state.

For maximum results, drill down deeper; find the absolute best cities, counties, zip codes and even neighborhoods tailored for YOUR investing tactics and strategies.

Top 10 States with Cheap Houses

Why settle for average, mediocre results?

A few minutes upfront, BEFORE you invest countless hours, dollars, capital and risk can be the difference between a lifetime of investing success, or failure.

...just click on the micro market tabs you see here; unlock these same precious indicators and filters for the 400 largest Metropolitan markets (covering ~95% of all U.S. real estate), over 3,000 Counties, 18,000 Zip Codes and 45,000 Neighborhoods.


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