Published December 14, 2018
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26% Of US Housing Markets
Declined Qtr-Over-Qtr

Currently, 104 markets (26% of all U.S. real estate) experienced ‘real’ (inflation adjusted) declines compared to the prior Quarter.

In the previous quarter, 73 markets (18%) declined.

148 markets (37%) saw Q-O-Q declines in the year ago period. (Because of possible seasonal variations, it helps to also compare Quarter-Over-Quarter results to the same prior period.)

(See the entire list of declining markets below.)

In addition to the list of declining cities below, we also use our Advance-Decline (A-D) Indicator that aggregates and tracks Market Breadth.

Market breadth is a study used in Technical Analysis that attempts to gauge the direction of the overall market by analyzing the number of markets advancing relative to the number declining.

The A-D below uses Quarter-Over-Quarter data,
smoothed-out with a 2-period average.
Advance-Decline Momentum Indicator vs Home Price Appreciation Chart Quarter-Over-Quarter Data 2-Period Average

#1 – When the red chart line is inside the green zone it’s a bullish – or positive – outlook on the overall market.

#2 – When the red line is in the middle zone it’s telling us there is no strong bullish or bearish direction; you must rely more heavily on market-by-market selections.

#3 – When the red line is in the bottom zone, it indicates substantial weakness in the overall market.

As with all Quarterly vs. Annual comparisons, you’ll see more variance with shorter time frames. It’s common for this red line to fluctuate up and down. The importance of this indicator is when the red line reaches INSIDE the top (green) or bottom (red) zones. It’s even more significant if it STAYS in the red or green zone for multiple periods.

You can see, even with Quarterly data, this A-D Indicator has done a very good job ‘predicting’ the beginning and the end of each major National real estate cycle.

This A-D Indicator can also be used on State and Regional levels for more granular insights. Paid members can customize this Advance-Decline tool by logging in and visiting: Real Estate Market Breadth Analyzer.

Below is the list of cities with
declining Quarter-Over-Quarter home prices…

Note: These are 3-month percentage decline rates.
Multiply by 4 to get approximate annual equivalent (at current run rate).

Inflation Adjusted Home Price Appreciation 2018 - List Showing 104 Declining Markets Lost Value Quarter-Over-Quarter

If your markets are on this list, DON’T panic!

ONE data point, whether it’s for a Quarter or a Year, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to buy, sell or hold… or do ANYTHING different, other than pay closer attention. That’s where Technical Analysis (TA) comes in.

TA is a 500 year old science used by every Wall Street investment bank and every global stock, bond, currency and commodities trading firm on the planet for TRILLIONS of dollars in DAILY trades.

We invented TA for local real estate
markets; no one can touch us when it
comes to predicting precise entry/exit times.

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