Published December 15, 2023
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129 U.S. Markets Lost Value Year-Over-Year

Last quarter, home prices declined Year-over-Year (YoY) on a ‘real’ (inflation-adjusted) basis in 129 (32%) of the 405 largest metropolitan real estate markets nationwide.

In the previous quarter, 117 markets had annual home price declines.

We Aren’t Out of the Woods, YET!

A small shift in Market Psychology could easily take YOUR market down (and you along with it).

(See the entire list of declining markets below.)

NOW… for the BIG news…

After 18 years and millions of dollars…

We’ve created the most accurate local real estate market “prediction” system on planet Earth.

It’s also the most RELIABLE local market platform…

  • Global pandemics couldn’t knock it off course.
  • It saw right through the massive inventory shortage and supply chain disruptions.
  • Was unfazed by the historic tripling of mortgage interest rates across the nation.
  • Ignored the endless “Sky is Falling” Chicken Little warnings from every self-proclaimed real estate expert.

No matter what the world threw at it, our algorithms predicted the wild boom/bust cycle of the last three years for virtually EVERY METROPOLITAN REAL ESTATE MARKET in the United States.

…and get this…

We were a year or more ahead in most cases.

Sound impossible?

Below is the list of cities with
declining Year-Over-Year home prices…

List Showing 5 U.S. Markets Lost Value Year-Over-Year


HousingAlerts has been providing the most actionable,  market-by-market decision triggers for every U.S. real estate market for 18 years running.

If your markets are on this list, DON’T panic!

ONE data point, whether it’s for a Quarter or a Year, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to buy, sell or hold… or do ANYTHING different, other than pay closer attention. That’s where Technical Analysis (TA) comes in.

TA is a 500 year old science to help predict future market swings. TA is used by every Wall Street investment bank and every global stock, bond, currency and commodities trading firm on the planet for TRILLIONS of dollars in DAILY trades.

We invented TA for local real estate
markets and have the most accurate local
market cycle predictions on Planet Earth

If and when any particular local real estate market starts to roll over and crash, you can see it from a mile away inside HousingAlerts.

If you want to maximize your Investing, Wholesaling and Flipping profits while minimizing risk, capital and effort in ANY U.S. real estate market, you need to invest WITH the market. Come join us and enter the world of Intelligent Investing.


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