The Elephant in the Room

And Exactly How It’s Crushing the Profits of 99% of ALL Real Estate Investors

Can you hear it?

It’s coming. It’s already here…

And no matter how slick of an investor you may think you are, there’s an elephant in the room. He’s not cute and cuddly; he’s big, fat and ferocious. And he’s guaranteed to eat up all your investing profits, despite what your favorite pundit may have promised you.

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Once I reveal this elephant, I promise you will never look at real estate the same, But first, let me give you a little background on myself, the informant.

Now, I don’t have the typical real estate guru background you may be used to. I didn’t drop out or get kicked out of college my first year. I didn’t work for minimum wage then one day ‘stumble’ onto real estate as my financial savior.

In fact, I worked my ass off… held two and sometimes three jobs all through college, paid my entire way… and pretty much had straight A’s.

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon either, although I always thought we were rich!

I grew up in what you may think was a small house… 1200 square feet – 3 bedrooms, ONE bathroom for a family of eleven… but you know, other than having to wait in line behind my parents and eight siblings for that one bathroom each morning – I was #10 — it was as normal as could be!

Back then, you just learned to hold it!

Did I mention, we had to walk three miles to school, uphill both ways, in the snow, barefoot?

I do remember when we got our first clothes dryer and first dishwasher. Man, it seemed to me as a 10 year old that we were living in the absolute lap of luxury! Now, I don’t know how my mother did it all.

After college I took a grueling national accounting exam… and finished first in the State of Pennsylvania and eighth in the entire country.

There was only one place I wanted to work – as a CPA for the most prestigious consulting firm in the world. I put together the financial side of mega-real estate deals for the nation’s biggest developers and syndicators.

That’s when the real estate ‘bug’ bit me. After three years of helping everyone else make crazy money in real estate, I wanted a piece of it, so thinking I needed MORE education I applied to Harvard and Wharton business schools, scored near perfect on my GMAT exam and got into both.

“You don’t need a fancy education to succeed
in real estate.” You only need to tame the elephant.

My Harvard MBA didn’t help me much in that category, but I did learn a lot about cut throat competition, it was my first exposure to the world of “tire biters.”

Stop Ignoring the Elephant in the Room!

Stop Ignoring the Elephant in the Room When Investing in Real Estate

Investors, realtors, gurus, the media, …EVERYONE …they just pretend it isn’t there, or they gloss over it in the hopes it’ll go away, even though it single handedly wiped-out millions of investors and homeowners.

It drove hundreds of thousands of realtors out of business.

It destroyed more wealth than any event in recent history.

You know what it is?

Here’s another clue…

It created real estate millionaires who never lifted a finger.

It generated the biggest revenue surge local governments have ever seen.

And it’s been doing it over and over since before the Civil War.

So what is the elephant in the room?

Your local real estate market!
In order to succeed, you MUST become a Local Market Master™ (LMM)!

You see, despite what we’ve been led to believe, it’s not the investing strategy that makes millions, it’s your Local Real Estate Market. Become a Local Market Master™ – Click Here Now

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