‘Strategy Based’ Investing Will Leave You Broke: Here’s The Proof!

Knowing when to buy, sell or hold…

Nothing determines your success or failure in real estate more than the market. Period. End of Story.

Reaching for money just out of reach to invest in real estate

I’m going to PROVE that to you right now, beyond any shadow of doubt.

It doesn’t matter what investing strategy or tactics you use…

  • Short Sales
  • Wholesaling
  • Pre-Foreclosures or REO’s
  • Tax Liens & Tax Deeds
  • Lease Options & Sub-2’s
  • Buy and Hold Rentals
  • Note Investing
  • Rehabs

…or any of the others

It also doesn’t matter how hard you work or how smart you are.

The ‘market’ determines your real estate success, not you.

…you’re just along for the ride.

The bottom line is very simple…

If you invest in real estate blindfolded to your local cycle, you’ll lose. It’s just a matter of time…

Millions of otherwise smart, hard-working people are learning that lesson the hard way right now.

Think about this…

If you owned or controlled ANY real estate in any of the hot markets from 2000 into 2006, you made a killing…

…simply because you were there!

It didn’t matter how much you knew about real estate investing, a monkey with a deed would have made millions simply by being in the right place at the right time.


If you owned or controlled ANY real estate in any of the crashing markets in 2007 until now, you got killed…

…simply because you were there!

And as many of you now know, being present in a declining market is the financial kiss of death.

I learned that the hard way, many years ago in previous real estate cycles.

Success or failure comes from the market – not your individual efforts.

I know that runs contrary to everything you’ve ever been taught, so get ready to challenge all your preconceived real estate investing beliefs!

Back in the 1980’s, I bought into what all real estate investors believed was the winning formula…

    1) Find motivated, uninformed sellers

    2) Buy low

    3) Add additional value (if possible)

    4) Sell high

This winning formula did next to NOTHING to make me any lasting wealth. Hard to believe, I know.

See the jaw dropping proof on this Special Real Estate Market Report.

You’ll be awed!



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