I was looking to pick up a beach house or two here in Florida before this down cycle ran its course. Not a permanent long term hold, I just wanted to catch the snap-back appreciation wave bound to hit. Some of these markets were pounded so hard they were coiled like a spring, waiting to explode as soon as Market Psychology shifted.

Investing in real estate in Vero Beach, Florida

Daytona Beach, Florida vs Vero Beach, Florida Differential Chart-6 Month Transaction Hold-$31,200 Difference-1 House

It’s about a two hour drive for me to dozens of well-known Atlantic beaches. I don’t care which one, so long as it’s the best money maker. This is an actual process I did in real time

All things being equal, choosing between Daytona and Vero Beach – even though they’re only about an hour apart, meant an additional $31,200, simply because of knowing their market cycles.

In just six months, say from the time you got it under contract to when you had to close or flip it, you would have lost over $23,000 on the Daytona Beach property but made almost $8,000 on the Vero Beach property.

It was a simple decision; that took less than five minutes.

Is $31,000 worth five minutes of your time, and a few bucks a month?

Without access to these tools, what would you do?

Seriously, this is a real life question we’re all faced with. I know how I’d decide where and when to invest my time and money,

How will you decide?

Here is how I strongly urge you decide. Click Here Now.


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