(And How They Can Drive Investors Bankrupt!)

There are lots of folks and companies out there who attempt to track the housing market. In fact, they almost all use the same form of Fundamental Analysis – combined with median prices – so it’s all a wild guess on their part, cloaked under the ILLUSION of some analysis.

Man sounding the alarm about myths of median home prices

I mean, because the system is flawed at the core, a wild guess is the best they can do… the best they’ll EVER be able to do. It’s like that guy who claims to use sun spots to predict the Stock Market.

Using Fundamental Analysis to predict real estate cycles isn’t much different. It just can’t get you where you want to go because it ignores momentum and market psychology… for starters.

No doubt, FiServ put a lot of time and money into these predictions. It’s obviously the best they could do; what they actually believed when they had CNN publish them worldwide.

My goal here isn’t to bash the 600 pound gorilla for getting it so wrong in so many markets, but to show YOU how Fundamental Analysis just doesn’t work, even if you’re a large, well funded company bursting at the seams with lots of smart people and access to all kinds of market data.

That’s why investing for Automatic Appreciation was never really possible before because Fundamental Analysis – the ONLY method available until now – was only good for wild guesses. It never produced reliable results.

And that’s the whole point of this Special Real Estate Market Report. Times have changed – you don’t need to rely on wild guesses like this anymore.

So if you’ve seen enough of these bogus predictions, let’s stop here.

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There’s one more universal error most investors get caught-up in. You need to be fore-warned… then we’ll jump over to becoming a Total Market Master.



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