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In the decades since my Harvard days, I’ve been focused almost exclusively on doing real estate deals and figuring out local real estate markets. I’ve acquired, owned, syndicated, managed, leased, sold or developed just about every type of property there is… in all kinds of markets… and I’ve done it in a very big way.

Except for that first C.P.A. job, I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life.

When I say I’ve done hundreds of deals, developed thousands of acres and operated over a million square feet of commercial real estate – I don’t mean it in the way a Broker or consultant means it. I was in the thick of it for each one; dealing directly with tenants, buyers, sellers, governments, lenders, lawyers, contractors, managers, leasing and sales agents… real in the trenches stuff, on every deal, every day… building and maintaining a portfolio of real estate.

I’ve also been overextended and know what that feels like. I’ve raised private money and lent private money and been forced to use creative investing strategies long before they were common knowledge. So when I say there’s only ONE variable you need to master – getting the TIMING right… understand that advice comes from the heart – and it’s backed up by a lifetime of experience. (Click here to NEVER get the timing wrong again)

Getting the timing right when investing in real estate

I know it’s tough sometimes to separate out the wheat from the chaff.

In this day and age, all it takes to ‘look’ like an expert is a two-bit web page, some fancy graphics and a way to scrape or spin existing content off the internet to make it look like it’s yours… call yourself an expert and put up a shopping cart.

Creating the illusion of credibility can be outsourced now for 100 bucks. Fraudsters and hucksters are everywhere – handing out silly investing advice to anyone gullible enough to buy it.

Even when someone has good intentions, it doesn’t make them right. Hell, you can watch any cable TV news show and see two articulate talking heads on the opposite side of the same argument. Everyone’s got an opinion.

So when it comes to real estate, who should you listen to?

How about these brainiacs running the show?

Alan Greenspan-Chairman of the Federal Reserve of the United States from 1987 to 2006

I mean that respectfully – these guys have a lot of brain power.

What did former Federal Reserve chairmen – Alan Greenspan, have to say about the real estate market?

New York Times Article - Fed Missed This Bubble - Will It See a New One - Ben Bernanke Federal Reserve

…or the following Fed Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke? Or the next one, Janet Yellon?

Did they have any inclination what was coming?

No. They totally missed it, along with everyone else. Here’s what they had to say – before, during and AFTER the bubble…

New York Times Articles Proving Ben Bernanke and Alan Greenspan  Were Wrong

Alan Greenspan said the rise in home values was “not enough … to raise major concerns.”

Ben Bernanke said a housing bubble was “a pretty unlikely possibility.”

And in 2007, he was still saying they “did not expect significant spillovers from the subprime market…”

2007 – can you believe it?

Well – here’s what we were seeing years before everything hit the fan…

U.S.A. Six Trigger Alert Report (S.T.A.R. System) Overall 2005-2008 Showing Ben Bernanke was Wrong

We started getting early warning signals nationally in 2005. By 2006, many local markets had already rolled over – remember that three city example where we saw San Diego and Detroit heading south as early as 2004 and 2005… in those markets and others like them, we knew there was smelly cheese on the horizon when everyone else thought they were smelling perfume.

If all this system did was reduce your worry and stress levels while giving you the confidence to take the right steps, would that be worth it?

Forget about that extra $4.6 million we made earlier – and forget about the jaw-dropping numbers you’ll see in a minute – if all this did was save you from sharing in that $6 trillion of losses, what’s that worth to you and your family?

What you’ve seen so far is only the warm up for what’s next…

Think this is shocking?

Wait to you see the proof I show you about what Forbes predicted about the real estate market. It will shock you, to say the least.

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