In the Metro Maps I noticed the map shows where housing prices are rising and falling but doesn’t give detailed info about which towns or cities are in those areas with the various color codings. How can I pinpoint the cities or other localities where prices are rising?


First off – make sure you have the ‘caption’ box checked for ‘MSAs’ inside the ‘Show/Hide’ tab on the DREAM tool.

In Step #4 of the ‘Education & Tutorials’ section, there is a link to individual maps for each state (where you can view the sub-areas covered by each market).

Here is the direct link (but you may need to login first)

The DREAM tool is a ‘filter’ in that you just use it to find markets of interest – and then look at their charts in the Single-City Focus. The scanners and screeners are also ‘filters.’

Once you find a market of interest – the real answers come from the charts.

Also, here are a couple of articles from our ‘Knowledge Base’ that discuss ‘micro-markets’

Investing in Small Towns in Rural Areas

Home By Home Price Data

Last update of the article: 05/08/2020.

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