Forecasting Market Changes


Does this software actually forecast market changes or is it used to advise you as to when the market has already changed which allows you some time to get out before the market bottoms?


Nothing can “predict” the future. However, Technical Analysis is the method used by virtually all major stock, commodity & futures traders worldwide to “try” to predict the future. It has been in use for a long time, there are over 5,000 books on the subject at

What we’ve done is applied TA to a very sophisticated and accurate local real estate database. Real estate is much more “predictable” than stocks, commodities and futures so in this regard, it is (imo) the best tool available for answering the question…

Should I buy, sell or hold in any particular local market, at any particular time?

It is easy to see how well it works by looking at any chart for any prior point in time, and comparing the “signal” to what actually happened in the “future.” You’ll see that it is uncanny in its accuracy.