Is there anyway to get data when the places are not covered in your MSA/city drop downs?

Answer: is a top-level market analysis tool – it answers the most important question of “when & where” you should invest.

Once you know the state of the market and it’s cycle, only then can you decide:

1) If you should even be in that market

2) What particular investing tactics, strategies and methods should you use (ie – wholesaling vs. buy & hold, vs lease option, etc.)

In order for Technical Analysis to work, we use dead-accurate data for an entire market, typically a large city. Smaller towns and zip codes do NOT represent a ‘market’ and also lack sufficient number of transactions to create a statistically valid sample size.

However, once the overall market cycle has been determined, we have proprietary zip code and county level tools to help you drill-down deeper.

Although there are “micro-markets” that may buck the trend to some degree, it is the exception, not the rule.

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