Are there Wealth Phase Charts and T.A.P.S. Slider Bars at the Zip Code or other Micro Market levels?


NO – Micro Market data does not have a sufficient number of transactions needed for the kind of statistical accuracy required for T.A.P.S. and other TA studies. Also, Micro Markets are NOT a “Market” – they are small pieces of the Metro Market – and will generally move in-line with the Metro Market over time.

You should primarily use Micro Market data to compare RELATIVE differences between zip codes INSIDE each Metro level.

In addition to the greater accuracy and ability to use sophisticated TA studies at the Metro level (because of the increased volume of data points) – the Metro level data is also much faster to respond to large changes occurring in a Market over a short time period.

In other words – if a Market takes a quick, major dive or starts shooting to the moon, it will be picked up much earlier at the Metro level when compared to the Micro Market levels. So, it’s important to BEGIN your search at the Metro level and THEN drill down inside your chosen Metro(s) looking for relatively stronger pockets.

Last update of the article: 04/15/2020.

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