Unfortunately, you cannot use any of our articles or similar content on your website; we will get penalized by Google for having “duplicate content” on the internet.

If there is a particular chart you want to use, that does not disclose much proprietary info that our members pay to access, we may allow that on a case-by-case basis for affiliate marketing purposes only – you’ll need to give us a link so we can view what you want to do in context on your website. If you do use a chart (with permission) you’ll need to keep the copyright and watermark intact, which ‘could’ allow people to bypass you and type our URL in directly.

In general, you will make more sales by sending them to www.HousingAlerts.com ‘directly’ from email links rather than sending them to a different site and expecting them to click through after reading your content. You’ll lose a majority of that traffic.

If you’re just trying to monetize traffic ALREADY on your site – A strong endorsement by you, a short ‘warm-up’ article/testimonial and/or our banner ads work well.

Your goal is to get them to our site and on the Special Market Report video as directly as possible for max sales.

Last update of the article: 04/15/2020.

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