Micro Maps

This is a wholesaler’s and flippers dream tool! There is NOTHING that could have as big of an impact on your success than knowing WHERE to focus your time, money and effort.

The Micro Maps ALONE can save you tens of thousands of dollars in marketing costs just by knowing what neighborhoods and zip codes to target for acquisitions (and which neighborhoods to AVOID).

The same is true when it comes time to flip the contract or sell the property!  Having property in a high-demand neighborhood practically sells itself compared to the same property in a flat or declining market no one wants.

In addition to these direct mail and other marketing costs savings, YOU become the real winner because you aren’t wasting weeks and months of your life pushing boulders uphill in dead-end markets.

As a wholesaler or flipper you need to ALWAYS be in vibrant, high-activity markets where homeowners and investors want to be…  a few minutes looking at our Micro Maps gives you the answers you need.

Another huge benefit of choosing the hottest micro markets for Wholesaling and Flipping is the Automatic Appreciation that benefits all properties in that sub-market.  Appreciating markets are very forgiving; you can make nearly every mistake in the book and still come out looking like a Genius.

My question to you is:

Why would you ever spend your time and money, or take all that additional risk in flat or declining markets when it’s so easy to be in the higher-demand, appreciating markets?

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