We always keep track of any markets we’re in on a monthly basis. After you’ve followed a buying signal, you want to make sure you recognize any developing weaknesses early. I would recommend you dig a little deeper into the in-depth market research so you’re familiar with the tools we provide.

At the same time – as a National member – you will probably want to continue to research other markets and keep growing in your knowledge and recognition of developing opportunities.

As far as investing strategy, you can do anything you like to acquire properties. You should do fine if you follow the “FAR-GAP-HAM” strategy, and you could do even better if you can buy at a discount. But many investors get so hung up on discounted buying strategies that they never make any money because they simply don’t buy enough fast enough when a market is really set for appreciation.

Here is the reference for FAR-GAP-HAM: 
www.housingalerts.com/investing-strategies/proven-real-estate/103 (but you can also Google it)

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